The Urban Farm announced the launch of the 22nd annual Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education Program, beginning on September 11 at 10 a.m. Urban Farmer, Greg Peterson, founder of The Urban Farm has been growing fruit trees for over 45 years in the Valley of the Sun and offers education on the best techniques for successfully growing fruit in the desert.

Recent food system challenges have shown how essential a reliable local food supply is for individuals as well as for our communities.

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“We have seen an increase of interest in urban farming and growing fruit trees recently,” said Peterson. “We are excited to be hosting our annual Fruit Tree Education Program again this year and provide the community with classes that teach how to successfully purchase and grow fruit trees that are climate-appropriate for the low desert.”

The online kickoff event hosted by Farmer Greg on September 11 will be a half day of free fruit tree education featuring presentations from experts in the field – Mike Biltonen from Know Your Roots, Christy Wilhelmi from, Tom Spellman from Dave Wilson Nursery, and Janis Norton from Urban Farm Nursery. Participants will also have access to videos, free prizes, and tree bundle pricing.

The Urban Farm Fruit Tree Education Program provides a support system for beginning and intermediate backyard farmers and fruit growers. Peterson makes full use of his contacts and resources to obtain a selection of seasonally and climate appropriate fruit trees, bushes, and vines. The key to success for any fruit grower is experience – and The Urban Farm has plenty of that to share.

The program offers online classes that cover: what you need to know before you buy a tree; which trees produce best for the Valley; how to select the proper location; how to plant, feed, water and fertilize; which supplies you need and when to use them; as well as tips on soil drainage and much more to help your trees thrive.

With the advantage of current online technology, participants join classes from the comfort of their home. Free fruit tree education will be offered throughout September, October, and early November as well in monthly tree care chats.

The Urban Farm accepts preorders for its selection of deciduous (apples, peaches, apricots, plums, figs, grapes, pomegranates, berries, etc.) and citrus trees (lemons, limes, oranges, etc.). The program offers special Early Bird pricing and bundling deals through October 30. Pick up of trees will begin in October for citrus, and in January for deciduous.

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