Along with the high temperatures in Arizona, comes high utility costs to try to beat the heat! Even in an apartment, utility bills can get to anywhere from $200 to $250 in the summer.* However, there are ways to combat the heat and keep your energy bill as low as possible.

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Here are three tips to help you reduce or lower your energy bill this summer:

Keep your A/C at a reasonable temperature

You can keep your energy bill low by refraining from tampering with the A/C.. It is recommended to keep your A/C at 78 degrees (if that is comfortable in your home) and instead, use other ways to cool down such as using standing fans, blackout shades and cool bedding.

Conserve water

It’s easy to lose track of time in the shower! However, you can conserve a lot of water by limiting your shower time. If you normally take a 20-minute shower, try to cut back to 10-15 minutes!

Also, you may be using up water without even knowing it! Check for leaks around the house to make sure that is not contributing to your high energy bill.

Finally, you can conserve water by decreasing the amount of laundry loads that you do. Instead of doing multiple small loads throughout the week, aim to do only a few loads on one or two days.

Conserve electricity

When you are not charging or using your electronics, unplug them to save energy. Also, turn off the lights when you leave a room. Lights can also produce heat, so turning them off may help keep a room cool. When it comes to using electricity in the house, less is more!

These simple steps are a great start to lowering your energy bill. However, you might not be sure if your energy is being used efficiently around your home. If you book a home energy audit through the SavonServices App, you can get a discount from FOR Energy!



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