Did you know that almost 60% of new homes have patios?

That means the chance of you having a patio in your future is pretty high if you don’t already have one. While it’s great to have a dedicated outdoor space, keeping it decorated and ready for company can be a lot of work.

Would you like to turn your patio into a gorgeous outdoor oasis? Read on to learn five patio decor ideas to help inspire you throughout the process.

1. Faux Plants

Whether you live in an area where plants don’t grow well or you’d like to avoid the work that comes with natural plants, faux plants are a great option.

These plants are often less expensive than their real counterparts, require no upkeep, but still look just as vibrant and beautiful. Having some fake plants hanging outside, decorating a feature wall, or surrounding your outdoor furniture is an excellent way to add subtle decorations.

2. Add Interest With Pillows

No outdoor space is complete without some pillows. Whether you have a hammock, couch, chairs, or some other type of furniture, pillows will add a welcoming touch.

This decor element is easy to find and comes in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Plus, they will keep your guests comfortable when the time comes.

3. Style a Bar Cart

One of the often underlooked patio decorations is a bar cart. Of course, this decor option is popular inside, but why not carry this idea to your outdoor space?

If you often have people over and enjoy refreshments with them out on the patio, having the necessary tools to craft fun drinks all in one place makes your job easier.

If you’re worried about leaving a cart with dishes and drink ingredients outside, be sure to grab one with wheels so you can easily transfer it indoors until your next get-together.

4. Pick Statement Furniture

The furniture you pick for your outdoor space sets the tone for the entire area. Try choosing statement pieces that only need a few decorative elements to make the space special.

Or, you can opt for simple yet timeless furniture and go big with the other design elements. Either way, resin wicker patio furniture is a good choice. The material for outdoor furniture makes a big difference, and this material is great for being outside no matter the weather.

5. Put Down a Throw Rug

At times your outdoor space might feel disconnected or seem like it’s missing something. A nice way to tie everything together is by putting down a throw rug. This highlights the space and makes it its own unique area.

It doesn’t matter if you opt for something vibrant and bold or more neutral and classic. It’s sure to improve the space.

Five Easy Patio Decor Options

Choosing patio decor doesn’t have to be complicated. Creating this unique space is simple by taking advantage of just a few design elements.

This article mentioned five decor ideas you can implement in your outdoor space to create a welcoming oasis that will beckon you to head outside.

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