We hear a lot of different statistics about how long it takes to form a new habit. The truth is that depending on how large the goal is, it can range from 18 days to eight months to turn something new into a routine.

That can seem like a big pill to swallow. How do you achieve everything you want to in life when it’s so hard to get used to something new or different?

Setting goals of different sizes is key. Today, we’re going to take a look at examples of long term goals that are worth working toward for years to come.

Read on for five examples of long term goals that you should add to your list.

1. Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Let’s face it: most of us are not eating a balanced diet every day. Whether you want to eat more fruits and vegetables or ditch the fad diets for something sustainable, understand that this is a long term goal. Set smaller goals like eating two vegetables per day and increasing the abundance of nourishing food in your diet over time.

2. Building a Good Credit Score

Why is building credit important? Having good credit opens up more opportunities like qualifying for better leases, attaining better loans, and getting better credit cards for expensive purchases. Learn more about your current credit score and how to boost it so that when you need to rely on good credit in the future, it’ll be there for you.

3. Saving for Retirement

It’s tempting to spend each paycheck as you get it. However, working to live doesn’t just mean treating yourself; it means setting yourself up to retire. Look into 401k or Roth IRA plans and find one that you can start contributing to this year.

4. Mastering a Skill for Fun

Too many people define themselves by the job they have and the work they do. What’s something that you can start doing that isn’t for money, isn’t for prosperity, but does enrich your life? Start learning a skill you’ve always wanted to learn, like playing an instrument or speaking another language.

5. Finding Inner Peace

Striving for better mental health and a more balanced schedule is a life-long goal. Make sure that you’re always prioritizing rest, relaxation, and peace. Throughout your life, try different practices like therapy, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness to see how you can create inner peace no matter what life throws at you.

Which Examples of Long Term Goals Will You Adopt?

Everyone has a lifelong dream. To get there, they’ll need to learn how to develop goals that will bring them one (or several) steps closer to making that dream come true. Which examples of long term goals will you start working towards this year?

What about your short term goals? Maybe you want to improve your interior design skills, find out more about current events, or catch up on the latest trends. Look around and find out how we can help you meet your short term goals.