The weather in Arizona warmed up just in time for spring break and you may want to explore new hobbies for your little ones as they enjoy their time off. This is a great opportunity to try something different and golf is the perfect sport for that. Whether it’s a game of putt putt or getting out on the green, golf is that’s perfect for all ages and is a great way to spend quality time with your family.  So, what are the best ways to teach kids to golf?

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Before you take your kids to the local course, consider these tips below: 

Make it fun

Remind your kids, and yourself, that it’s just a game! Remember that they don’t want a complicated lecture so let them move around freely and learn organically at first. When your child hits the ball, say “Great shot!”, and if they miss, be sure to say “Nice try!”. The pros might not want their ball splashing into the pond of no return but trust me, your kids will think it’s the greatest part of the day. 

Give them the right tools 

Many problems junior golfers encounter when they are first starting out are directly related to equipment. Whether a club is too long, stiff, or heavy, all of those factors will affect their first impression of the game. Make sure they have the right tools, as well as clothing, so they are comfortable during the already-challenging first learning phase. 

Know when to play

Try taking the kids to the course late in the evening, or when it’s not crowded. That way you don’t have to worry about holding up the group behind you while your child is chasing the ball around. Many courses offer special times set aside for junior golfers for this reason. 

Start with Putting 

Teaching kids how to putt is a good place to start. Beside the fact that putting is the most crucial aspect to scoring well in golf, it is also the simplest stroke. Kids can usually perform a basic putting stroke and strike the ball. This will build their confidence as they see they can do it.

End with the swing 

Allow kids to swing freely at first with whatever comes naturally. Kids will usually start with a huge swing. If they miss the ball, have them take half swings to promote contact and confidence. The thing to watch as far as correcting form is movement of the feet. Kids tend to step around while swinging. 

Author: With more than 20 years of experience in the golf industry, Mike Poe is the manager at Quintero Golf Club. Located near Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Quintero Golf Club has been ranked the Best Public Golf Course by both Golf Digest and Golf Weekly Magazine. For more information, visit