Living in Spain is the dream of everyone who has ever visited or heard about this rich country. The weather here is always great, more than 300 sunny days a year, the average temperature here is within 25 degrees Celsius, the people  are always good-natured and friendly, the local infrastructure and the focus on the tourism sector make your life more comfortable and more fun. In addition, there is always clean air, sea breeze and an endless number of architectural sights where you can spend some time and learn a few things about the local history. To get all this, you just need to buy an apartment in Spain and come here on vacation at least in the midst of high season.

Prices for apartments in different regions of Spain

To find out how much an apartment in Spain costs, you first need to decide on the region. The price depends on the location, often in the same way as on any other characteristics such as the size of living area, the number of rooms or the level of prestige of the apartment. When you have decided on the region, move on to the cities in the selected province, because in Spain there are both small villages that have not yet been captured by tourists and investors, as well as luxurious cities where the price of an apartment can sometimes start from € 400,000 – € 500,000 and more.

We invite you to look at three most popular regions among tourists and visitors of Spain. Here are some of the most reasonable prices for apartments in all of Spain. Including:

Costa Blanca (province of Alicante). In smaller villages and suburbs, you can buy great new apartments for €70,000 and up. Resale real estate in such locations will cost even less – from 40,000 euros for a 1-2 room apartment. If you want to live in large cities such as Alicante, Ciudad Quesada, Finestrat, the minimum price for a new apartment can start up to 100,000 euros, for resale housing from 70,000 euros and more. The most elite areas and cities, such as Villamartin, are returning new apartments with prices starting from €200,000 and more.

Costa Calida (province of Murcia). The cheapest apartment in the province of Murcia starts at 60,000 and more for 1-2 bedroom accommodation with 1 entrance. Such apartments are in fishing villages or on the outskirts of the Costa Calida. If you are willing to pay extra to live in a more or less large city with all the necessary infrastructure, get ready to pay from € 80,000 for a 2-room apartment. A 3-bedroom apartment with all amenities in big cities can cost from 100,000 to 120,000 euros and more. The most luxurious apartments in the province, the city of Murcia, are priced between 200,000 and 300,000 euros. In the secondary market, prices might be 20-30% lower, depending on the condition of the apartment and its location.

Valencia. This is a province in which the pricing policy for secondary real estate will not disappoint. If you dedicate some time to the search and accept some of the downsides,  you will be able to find an apartment with 3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms for only €40,000 – €50,000. Property prices in major cities of Valencia range from €60,000. The primary real estate market here offers prices significantly lower than in many other regions, but not too different from the above two provinces. A good 2-3 bedroom apartment in Valencia and other major cities of the districts will cost from € 80,000 – € 100,000.

Where can I find the most up-to-date prices for apartments in Spain?

If you want to know how much an apartment in Spain currently costs in order to keep abreast of price changes, you can turn to professionals or study the subject on your own. There are quite a lot of aggregator sites on the Internet with all the prices for primary and secondary real estate in the regions of interest to you. There you can set up all the filters you need to search and find interesting cities.

However, if you want to get the most up-to-date information, we recommend that you contact real estate agents for help. They are always in touch with major developers, and in case of any, even insignificant, changes in price, they will immediately find out about them first. This will probably allow you to buy an apartment in Spain at exactly the price you received on the day you applied, without unforeseen overpayments and unexpected changes.