If we could harvest one hour of the sun’s energy at 100% efficiency, it would fulfill all of the world’s electricity needs for one year. Solar power is the future of renewable energy.

Incorporating solar power into your home should be one of your primary objectives to be a responsible and thrifty homeowner. Using solar energy doesn’t necessarily take a large investment or a huge array.

There are many more subtle ways of incorporating solar energy into your home that you may not have thought of. Here are five of them.

1. Passive Solar Heat

Have you ever walked into a greenhouse and noticed how much warmer it is than the outside world? The greenhouse effect climatologists attribute global warming to is named after the passive solar heating effect greenhouses enjoy.

If you put a room with many windows on a south-facing aspect in the northern hemisphere, the energy of the sun will warm that room. This can be free solar heat for you all winter long.

2. Heat an Outdoor Pond

Depending on where you live, you can power a pond-heater with a single solar cell. This can help coy fish, frogs and other animals live through the cold winter.

By keeping your pond from freezing, you can increase your yard aesthetics all season long. You can also keep a few of your animal friends alive.

3. Power Outdoor Lights

With a few well-placed solar cells, you can produce enough power to keep tasteful outdoor lighting blazing strong. String them along trees, a patio, or walkways for an added aesthetic impact.

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4. Incorporate Solar Into Your Home Utilities

The biggest benefit solar energy can give your home is powering all of your home’s electricity needs. You can offset the cost of, or replace, outright utility usage.

Depending on how much power you can produce, you may not need to use the power company for any of your home utility needs. This will vary based on your climate and total daily sun intake.

5. Backup Power for Emergency Equipment

You may have important medical equipment that you need to function even during a blackout. Perhaps your well pump requires an ancillary power source so you can continue to get fresh water.

Having a backup power source for emergency equipment is very important. Solar can be the endless power backup you need. It doesn’t require fossil fuels like conventional generators, so you can power equipment indefinitely.

The Sun’s Energy Is Yours to Utilize

There will always be more new and exciting ways to incorporate solar energy into your home. As long as the sun continues to shine in the sky, it will be a viable power source for humanity to utilize.

Use these 5 solar energy ideas to inspire your thought process and come up with a few of your own. When you are ready to make the solar switch, contact a reputable solar energy specialist. Check our website often for more info!