Some say that a handgun is only as good as the holster it rests in. There is some truth to this statement, at least when it comes to concealed carry. It’s hard to overestimate the ability to quickly draw your weapon in times of need. And it is holsters who are responsible for that part. A good holster should keep your firearm secure and accessible, allowing you to draw and re-holster it smoothly and instinctively. That’s where Beretta comes in. As a brand with a rich heritage dating back to 1526, Beretta offers a wide range of holsters designed for their handguns. We at Gritr Sports have compiled a short review of various types of concealed carry holsters, bearing the mark of Beretta’s quality, and classified them by type. Most models are compatible only with Beretta firearms, so if you don’t have any, we have a wide selection of guns for sale.

Beretta IWB Holsters

A dedicated holster is definitely the best candidate for the job, so we’ll start with an IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster that is considered the golden standard of CC. The IWB holsters are probably the most numerous category, a part of Beretta’s widest collection of handgun concealed holsters, known for their high-quality material and comfort.

Distinctive features of Beretta IWB holsters include:

  • Comfort: Beretta IWB holsters are designed with comfort as a major priority. They are typically slim, lightweight, and made from materials that won’t irritate the skin.
  • Concealability: IWB holsters boast superior concealment unattainable for other types of holsters.
  • Adjustability: Many Beretta IWB holsters come with adjustable cant and retention, allowing you to customize the draw angle and how tightly the holster holds the firearm.
  • Wide Compatibility: Beretta offers IWB holsters for a variety of handgun models.

Now, let’s look at a specific model: The Beretta APX Carry IWB Kydex Plus Line Holster.

This holster is specifically designed for the Beretta APX Carry. It is made of Kydex, a durable and lightweight material that maintains its shape over time. This ensures the holster remains open for easy re-holstering.

The holster includes a claw and monoblock clip, which helps to tuck the gun grip closer to the body, improving concealment. It’s also optic-ready, meaning it’s designed to accommodate mounted optics on your firearm.

One of the standout features of this model is its adjustable retention and cant. You can tighten or loosen the screw to adjust the holster’s grip on your firearm, and you can adjust the carry angle between 0-15 degrees.

Beretta OWB Holsters

Even though an IWB holster is an obvious choice for concealed carry, it’s not the only one. Whereas some people may presume that outside-the-waistband holsters are better left for open carry, they can serve as great CC holsters as well. The Beretta 92FS OWB Pancake Holster is another popular choice among gun owners who chose Beretta 92FS as their EC gun.

Distinctive features of Beretta OWB holsters include:

  • Comfort: Beretta OWB holsters are designed with user comfort in mind. They are typically lightweight and contoured to fit the body.
  • Ease of Access: Being an OWB holster, it offers quick and easy access to your firearm.
  • Secure Retention: These holsters often feature adjustable retention systems that allow you to set the desired level of retention on your firearm.
  • Wide Compatibility: Beretta offers OWB holsters for a variety of their handgun models.

Take Beretta 92FS OWB Pancake Holster for example. This holster, even though meant for a different style of wear, also sports low profile for better concealment while providing even quicker access than an IWB holster. The Pancake design means there are two pieces of material (leather in this case) sewn together, forming a flat-type pouch. This design involves the holster having a broader surface area that contours to the shape of the wearer’s hip, distributing the weight of the firearm evenly. And it resembles a pancake if that matters to you. 

The Beretta 92FS OWB Pancake Holster often includes belt loops on either side, allowing it to be threaded onto your belt. This design ensures the holster stays securely in place throughout the day. 

Beretta Shoulder Holsters

Beretta shoulder holsters are highly sought after for their quality, comfort, and adaptability. They are designed to carry and conceal Beretta handguns under the arm, distributing the weight across the shoulders for comfortable long-term wear.

Some distinctive features of Beretta shoulder holsters include:

  • Quality Material: Beretta shoulder holsters are often made from premium leather, providing durability and a stylish look.
  • Adjustability: They usually come with adjustable harnesses, allowing you to customize the fit to your body size and preferred carry position.
  • Right and Left-Hand Options: Beretta offers shoulder holsters for both right and left-handers.
  • Additional Storage: Some models feature double magazine carriers for extra ammunition.
  • Wide Compatibility: These holsters can accommodate various Beretta models, including the popular 92FS and 96 series.

Let’s take a closer look at one particular model: The Beretta 92/96 Series Leather Right Hand Shoulder Holster.

This holster is specifically designed for the Beretta 92 and 96 series. Made from high-quality leather, it offers a comfortable and secure fit for these models. It’s a great choice for extended wear due to even weight distribution. The holster is not universally concealable, but if you wear a jacket or something of the kind, you won’t find it problematic to CC it. The holster is not ambidextrous, but there are two versions for right and left-handers respectively.

Another standout feature is its sleek, professional appearance. The black leather finish not only provides a classic look but also increases the holster’s durability, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear.

Beretta Ankle Holsters

Beretta ankle holsters don’t rank among the most popular CC options, but can nonetheless fill that niche pretty well. They allow the wearer to comfortably carry and quickly access their firearm, especially from a sitting position. They are also ideal for backup or deep concealment situations.

Distinctive features of Beretta ankle holsters include:

  • Comfort: Designed ​to be worn around the ankle, these ​holsters often feature padded​ or ventilated materials ​for increased comfort.
  • Concealability: Ankle​ holsters allow for deep concealment, ​making them a popular ​choice for secondary or​ backup firearms.
  • Secure Fit: Many models come with ​adjustable straps or retention systems ​to ensure a secure fit and prevent ​movement while walking or running.
  • Versatility: Beretta offers ankle​ holsters for a variety of handgun ​models.

Let’s get down to a ​specific model: Beretta Mod.C Tomcat Ankle ​Holster.

The model is designed specifically for​ the Beretta Tomcat model. It offers a unique ​solution for those seeking a comfortable, ​concealed carry option that doesn’t interfere with​ their everyday movement.

The Mod.C Tomcat Ankle​ Holster is crafted with a soft, breathable ​fabric that wraps ​comfortably around the ankle. ​This ensures that the ​holster can be worn for extended ​periods without ​causing discomfort or​ irritation.

The holster is designed ​for an inside-the-leg draw. Whereas it ​might not be the most ​comfortable position for ​regular “standing” scenarios, they are ​most comfortable to ​draw from when ​sitting. The holster’s design ​also provides excellent concealment, making it difficult ​to detect even under closer inspection.


The Beretta holster range caters to a variety of needs and preferences, offering models that skillfully balance comfort, accessibility and concealment regardless of their type. Whether you’re looking for an OWB holster for quick access, an ankle holster for deep concealment or a time-tested IWB classic, Beretta has something for you. Find a holster that aligns best with your lifestyle and will serve you well for years to come.