With increasing concern over humanity’s impact on the environment, people are starting to look at how they can contribute to the conservation of the planet. Whether it’s choosing to eat less meat, grow vegetables yourself, or make eco-friendly alterations to your living space, all of these small changes can make a big difference if everyone gives it try.

If you’re worried about how you’re affecting the environment and want to make some adjustments, below are 5 great ways you can make your home an eco-friendly one.

1. Solar Panels

A lot of new builds now come with solar panels already installed on the roof, and this is a great source of renewable energy for the property. They could also help to save your money on your electricity bills. If the home you live in currently does not have these in place, think about having them installed onto your rooftop as an eco-friendly alteration. Companies like Custom Solar and Leisure can provide quotes and further information about having solar panels installed at your property and how they can benefit you.

2. Low-flow Toilet Systems

Saving water is another key part of helping the environment, which is why installing low-flow toilets could be a great solution to saving more water in your home. You might not think your toilet uses that much water when you flush, but they can be one of the highest water consumers in a residential home. Other ways to save water would be reducing the number of baths you have a week and taking shorter showers. You might also want to consider installing low-flow aerators onto your faucets, too.

3. Smart Tech

A lot of energy companies are now trying to encourage their customers to switch to a smart meter. These are more beneficial for homeowners as it can tell you how much energy you’re consuming more accurately each day, thereby reducing your energy bill.

Another useful piece of smart tech you can have at home is a remote-controlled thermostat. Brilliant for warming the house up when you get home on a cold day — but also if you forget to turn the heating off when you leave the house — you don’t have to go all the way home to switch it off! Just open the app on your phone and resolve the issues from wherever you are!

4. Check Appliances

Before you buy a new appliance, make sure to check how energy efficient it is. Look for the ENERGY STAR certified products as they will have been checked and approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Take your time to do some research to make sure you’re getting the best eco-friendly appliances available.

5. Insulation and Windows

Having quality insulation will help to reduce your energy bills because it will regulate the heat in your home properly. Double-glazed windows will also help with this. If you’re noticing drafts or damage to your windows, get them replaced as soon as possible to reduce the loss of heat from your home and other damage.

If you want to make your home more eco-friendly, try these five modifications and see how they can make a difference.