The countries of Africa offer an amazing pace of life, including stunning landscapes, exciting cities, and a positive way of living. If you’re considering a move to Africa and want to set down roots, here are five tips to get you started.

1. Do Your Research

With so much potential in Africa in regards to regions and countries you can live in, it’s important to thoroughly do your research into the property market. You may already have a country in mind, or perhaps you’re open-minded regarding your options when it comes to moving.

It’s important to narrow down your search through proper research and understand which areas are desirable to you, and which are within your means.

When conducting your research, be sure to think about what style, necessities, surroundings and needs you are going for, so that you’re able to pinpoint more easily the areas which provide what you need and want.

2. Work Out Your Budget

Finding your perfect property in Africa may see you with a particular vision in mind, but this always needs to align with your budget and within the realms of possibility.

It’s important to understand what you can afford property wise, as well as the cost of living for your chosen area, and also understanding the exchange rate for your own currency if moving from outside of the continent.

Certain locations may be perfect, but they may also be out of your budget, so it’s important to be prepared for compromise. If your perfect location is out of reach, it may be a case of staying put and saving for a little bit longer in order to eventually be able to afford the perfect property.

3. Use Professional Property Consultants

You’ll want to search for a property using professionals who tailor for properties in your chosen country within the continent. You should, therefore, browse providers such as Kenya Property Centre to compare availability on purchases or rentals (whichever you are choosing) or both if you are undecided. Be sure to gain professional advice from property consultants within the region.

4. Plan for the Future

Finding a dream property usually means having your future plans accounted for, too. So when you’re considering size and layout, you may want to think about future plans, such as how many bedrooms are ideal (even if you only need one for now, having an extra one for the future may be a huge help, especially if you have family plans).

Planning for the future may also take into account any property changes you might want to make if you choose to buy instead of rent, such as extensions, conversions, or renovation work.

5. Consider Trial Living

Relocating anywhere is a big decision. In order to fully understand what sort of property and location is right for you, you may want to try living there ahead of time as a trial. This could mean renting a property for a set period, such as six months, in order to better understand how you feel with the living situation, how you find the local amenities, and whether it’s all you expected it to be.