August 10, 2022

Mary Sullivan

6 digital and NFT art pieces worth adding to your collection

Maybe you are searching the web for a new and intriguing art collection, or looking to buy a piece from a world-renowned artist, no matter what type of art you’re looking for we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will be covering several genres and varied artist collections to help you find a piece you love. The best part about all of this- all of the pieces and collections mentioned are available for purchase on NFT Art Marketplace V-ART!

Edwin Burdis Faces Collection

This rather large collection of 90 pieces by Edwin Burdis is the result of Burdis switching to drawing on his iPad, which opened him up to a new form of improvisation and speed, as a rapidly growing series of digital drawings developed. The reading of these drawings as a mass is as crucial to the understanding of the work as each viewer often makes associations and connections to different characters within the collection.

Tree Of Life By Roxolana Dudka

This wildly vibrant piece bursting with life depicts one of the most common symbols in Ukrainian folk painting, the “Tree of Life”. The tree of life is believed to connect all realms- this world, the underworld, and heaven.

Maurice Benayoun V-Art Collection

Maurice Benayoun (MoBen) recently released a collection of Vov twodee projects. The most interesting aspect of Moben’s artwork is the complete freedom of the viewer to interpret the piece. This collection encompasses 12 original abstract works ranging from themes of justice to beauty. View the full collection at Digital Art Gallery V-Art.

Fingerprint by Mykyta Zigura

A person’s journey and experiences are as unique as their fingerprint. This piece is a physical representation of the balance between being an individual and being a part of society. The sculpture is currently installed in the sculpture park in Kyiv, and a smaller version of the stainless steel sculpture is on display at the exhibition of contemporary art at the Ukrainian pavilion in Dubai.

EDAF Neon Nights Collection

The Neon Nights Collection includes some of the most captivating artwork the digital art world has to offer. Dozens of artists come together to display their original works. While all of the art fits the Neon Nights theme, each artist has interpreted that theme in their own style so there is still quite a bit of diversity among the pieces. All of the available pieces can be viewed on the V-Art marketplace, but here are a few pieces that show the collections diversity.

Strange Attractors by Manika Post

“STRANGE ATTRACTORS” is a 3 minute long video art piece that represents how the theories of “Butterfly Effect” and “Lorenz’s Strange Attractors” have enriched our scientific interpretation of the world. Post demonstrates the idea that the world is larger than we will ever know because it is an ever expanding system.