Arizona, widely known for its desert climate, offers hot summers and mild winters. Its culture is a vibrant mix of Native American heritage and Wild West charm. Travel trends reflect popularity in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, and trekking.

But it’s not unusual for Arizonans to want to go beyond the state and regional borders to have some fun, explore the world, visit loved ones, or even in search of new economic opportunities. 

If Northern Europe – a region with a vastly different climate and culture – is your next destination, it’s essential to plan thoroughly

Destination Scandinavia

Scandinavia –a region in Northern Europe– encompasses countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, which are renowned for their stunning landscapes and high quality of life.

Regardless of whether it’s a weekend vacation abroad, a long holiday, or a business trip, here are seven things Arizonians should expect when traveling to Scandinavia.

7 Things Arizonans Should Expect When Traveling to Scandinavia 

1. Different Weather Conditions

The climate in Scandinavia presents a stark contrast to Arizona’s desert weather. Both summer and winter seasons here are relatively milder, so remember to pack clothes suitable for cooler temperatures.

2. Daylight Variations

Unlike the consistent daylight hours you enjoy in Arizona, Scandinavian countries undergo significant changes with the seasons. During summer months, you will experience long days where the sun barely sets (referred to as the midnight sun), but see very few daylight hours during winter months.

3. Rich History and Culture

The cultural shift from Arizona to Scandinavia is quite dramatic. From ancient Viking tales and architectural marvels like castles to modern design aesthetics — you’ll be stepping into a world rich with history and culture.

4. Language Differences

Anyone would rightfully assume that English is widely spoken in Scandinavia- and there’s no doubt about that. However, you will also encounter a variety of other languages and local dialects depending on the specific parts you visit while in Scandinavia.

Moreover, each country has its own language… like Swedish in Sweden or Danish in Denmark, adding to the rich diversity of this region.

5. Public Transportation

Unlike Arizona, where driving is often necessary, public transportation in Scandinavian countries is efficient and wide-ranging. Trains, buses, and ferries are commonplace and offer a comfortable means of getting around during your visit.

Cycling is also quite popular in urban areas such as Copenhagen (as earlier mentioned) for short city rides.

6. Active Outdoor Lifestyle

Also, be prepared for an active outdoor lifestyle when you visit Scandinavia. From hiking through national parks to skiing down snowy slopes in winter or simply enjoying a leisurely bicycle ride in Copenhagen – the outdoor activities are plentiful due to respect for nature.

Scandinavia’s Breathtaking Outdoors and Natural Wonders to Explore

Scandinavia is home to a plethora of stunning outdoors and natural wonders. Here’s a quick sneak peek at your options:

  • The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  • Norway’s Fjords
  • Denmark’s Cliffs at Møns Klint
  • Finland’s Lake Saimaa
  • Sweden’s Archipelagos

As for the latter, combing through Sweden vacation packages can be a great way to save on travel costs because some of these trips can be a bit dented to your wallet.

7. Embracing the Nordic Lifestyle

Finally, Scandinavian countries are often hailed for their “Nordic lifestyle”. This includes a strong emphasis on work-life balance, evident in their shorter work week and generous vacation time. The concept of ‘hygge‘ – Danish for coziness and comfortable conviviality – is also a big part of their culture.

Social cohesion manifests in communal dining and festivals, while love for nature can be seen in their active outdoor activities and sustainable living practices.

In conclusion, journeying from Arizona to the stunning landscapes of Scandinavia can seem daunting. But by having an understanding of the climate, transportation system, outdoor pursuits, and local lifestyle in advance, you can navigate this new terrain much more easily.

With these insights in hand, planning your Scandinavian adventure becomes a tad bit simpler. So go forth and embrace the mesmerizing beauty of Northern Europe!