7 tips to avoid sweating summer dress code compliance

Lifestyle | 26 May |

Dressing for the weather is no joke anywhere, but when it comes to summer heat, Arizonans have to take things very serious to avoid dangers such as heat exhaustion. Some will say that the simple solution is to just stay in shorts and a T-shirt all summer, but people in the business community know that this is not an option when it is time for work. The heat does not mean you can ditch the business casual dress code. Here are seven ways to stay cool and safe this summer, while still staying stylish and adhering to the summer dress code.

Embrace light colors.

Pastels and other light colors are the perfect choice to turn to when the sun’s beating. This is due to the fact that light colors will reflect light whereas dark colors will absorb it and hold the heat. Turning to lighter colors is one of the best things you can do for yourself during those summer months.

Stick to natural fabrics.

Another great summer dress code option is natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or rayon. All of these fabrics are much more breathable and will allow airflow to keep your body temperature low. These are also great because the extra airflow helps sweat from accumulating too much keeping your whole body dry.

Try looser clothing.

Once again, this is all about providing airflow. When clothing is tight against your body, it is harder for air to flow through because there is nowhere for it to really go. Flowy clothing such as blouses or nice palazzo pants provide for extra airflow to keep you cool and dry.

Experiment with fun colors and patterns.

Just because it is best to go light and flowy, that does not mean it is time to throw out creative style when getting dressed in the morning or buying new work clothes. Try out some of the summer’s hottest colors this year and go for green, sky blue or baby pink to name a few.

Make sure blazers, jackets and suits do not have an extra lining.

In the summer, this is just unnecessary. That extra lining is adding another layer of fabric to your ensemble which is another layer that could be trapping in extra heat. Skipping the extra lining could mean the difference between keeping your outfit together all day and desperately wanting to take off the last piece of the look

Keep your hair off your neck with a fancy up-do, simple bun or ponytail.

Your hair is just another thing about your look that can provide or stop airflow. Keeping your hair down may look nice, but with the heat, most likely you are going to start feeling the sweat on the back of your neck within a few minutes of stepping outside your door. The feeling of sweat on your neck and possibly coming down your back can be the worst and is simply taken out of the equation by pulling your hair up to provide that extra airflow around your body.

Carry a handkerchief or small scarf to keep your face clean of any sweat.

Although the goal is to stay cool, a bit of sweat is inevitable when temperatures are surpassing a hundred degrees outside. Keeping a small cloth on hand to keep the sweat off your face and your neck can help you avoid looking like you just came from the gym and keep you looking ready for a fresh day at the office.

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