How can you tell if you have bed bugs?

If you’ve noticed some changes around your home like mysterious stains and strange-looking insect shells, you might be feeling worried about the source. You aren’t wrong to be concerned!

Bed bugs are a common nuisance, and a hard to get rid of pest in your home. Plus, these unwelcome invaders won’t go away on their own. An infestation will require professional treatment. 

Keep reading for seven easy to recognize signs you have bed bugs, and what to do about it if you do.  

7 Signs You Have Bed Bugs

According to the EPA, the common bed bug is a household pest that feeds on blood, causes itchy bites, and causes irritation to its human hosts. So, while they don’t carry or transmit disease, bed bugs are still considered a public health pest and should be treated as such. 

1. Itchy Red Spots

Bed bug bites are typically small, red, and itchy. Because the bites are uncomfortable, they are tempting to pick and scratch, which can lead to inflammation and even infection.

Many people have no physical reaction to bed bug bites, so don’t be surprised if some people living in your home have symptoms while others do not. 

2. Strange Bite Patterns

Unlike the bites of fleas and mosquitoes, bed bug bites are often found in a distinct linear pattern. Keep an eye out for itchy red bumps that appear in straight lines or “constellation-like” shapes.

3. Musty Odors

Bed bugs release pheromones, or scent trails to communicate with their colony. So, when large amounts of these irritating insects are present, you might be able to smell them.

Most people describe the smell of bed bugs as musty, damp, or dusty. 

4. Blood Stained Sheets

If you wake up to sheets dotted with blood, you might have a bed bug problem.

Sometimes, a small amount of blood will escape from your skin during feeding. Or, you might unconsciously squash a bug in your sleep while or after it feeds during the night. This can leave behind small blood spots on your bed linens, pajamas, or skin.

5. Rust-Colored Spots on Your Mattress

If you think you might have bed bugs, check your mattress for dark brown spots and stains. 

Bed bugs like to congregate in large numbers, often in the seams and corners of your mattress. And, they may leave behind brown or rust-colored fecal stains. These spots often smear easily if touched and can have a strong, unpleasant odor.

6. Bed Bug Shells

Bed bug shells look like white or mottled brown, husk-like specks or casings.

As bed bugs grow, they shed their skin and discard it. Look for these shells in your mattress, especially around corners, seams, and other hard to reach places. You may also find them along your headboard, between your sofa cushions, and under furniture. 

Keep in mind, these insects tend to prefer fabric or wood environments rather than plastic or metal.

7. Small White Spots

If you discover small, white spots in the dimples of your mattress or the joints of your furniture, you might be facing an infestation.

While they might not look like much, these specks are often clusters of eggs or juvenile bed bugs. Keep in mind that these spots are extremely small, so you’ll need to use a flashlight for proper inspection.

Take Action

If you’re experiencing one or more of these telltale signs you have bed bugs in your home, don’t wait to act! 

Bedbugs have a fast reproductive cycle, and it won’t take long for their population to surge. Custom bed bug heat treatment is your best option for extermination. It won’t leave behind toxic chemical residues, and you won’t have to treat your home multiple times to see results.

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