Vinyl siding is great as it offers you more color choices than other types of siding. However, this benefit is also a disadvantage to some people as it leads to over choice. With so many colors that you can pick, finding the best vinyl siding color feels like a huge burden.

These individuals’ greatest fear is picking an ugly color that doesn’t match the other exterior parts. Due to this fear, these people may spend days or even weeks searching for the perfect vinyl siding color. The problem is that each color they find doesn’t feel good enough, and they keep looking.

If you have these fears, keep reading to see the eight tips for choosing the best vinyl siding color.

1. Consider Your Needs

Your preferences and tastes should play a major role in picking a vinyl siding color. Have an image in your head of how you would love your home’s exterior to look. Also, explore what kind of image you would like to convey to other people.

Maybe you want your house to stand out and capture people’s attention. To achieve this, you must be bold and go for unique vinyl siding colors. The target is to find distinctive colors that give your home the unique appearance that you desire.

Contact Factory Direct Siding to learn more about vinyl siding colors and picking the right one. This company has experts who’ll help you decide the best colors that match your needs.

2. Check Other Homes in the Neighborhood

One of the ideal places to get inspiration for the best vinyl siding colors is checking other homes. By driving around, you’ll find a house with amazing siding colors that you like. Also, you’ll find homes with awful colors, helping you know the key mistakes to avoid.

The idea is to look for houses with a similar design and layout as yours. Also, review the most common siding colors in your neighborhood. With these insights, it’s easy to see the siding colors that work bests and the ones to avoid.

3. Examine the architecture of your house

Checking your home’s style and design are the other items that’ll help you choose the best vinyl siding color. The reason is that some colors are perfect with certain home styles. For instance, brown is a perfect color for cottage house style as it gives it a dark earthly tone.

The style of your home, therefore, determines the freedom you’ve when picking a siding color. Some house styles allow you to experiment with different colors and see what works best. Others, you’ll have to go with a few siding colors that have been proven to be ideal for their style.

4. Check the Roof Color

Although you’re working on the siding color, know that it’ll impact the other parts of the house. Some colors don’t work well together and will make your house look weird. For example, imagine a home with a red roof and green siding; it’ll look outrageous.

That’s why you should look for siding colors that’ll perfectly complement the roof color. For instance, if you have a brown or grey roof, a blue siding will enhance the house’s appearance. The key thing to observe is matching a warm roof color with a warm siding color and vice versa.

5. Evaluate the Size of Your House

Some siding colors are perfect for small houses and loses impact when used on large homes. That’s why two homes will have the same exterior colors, yet one looks great and the other gloomy. You must pay attention to how the color you choose will look when painted in a given space.

Consult exterior painting experts on the siding colors ideal for your home, depending on its size.

6. Review the Area’s Climate

Some siding colors tend to stand out during the sunny season, enhancing your home’s exterior. However, these colors look dark and dull during the cold seasons. That’s why your area’s climate pattern matters when looking for the best vinyl siding colors.

If you live in cold areas, look for colors that’ll brighten your home and make it look cozy.

7. Use Online Home Color Tools

When considering a given vinyl painting color, you’ll wish to see how it’ll look like before undertaking the painting work. Yes, you can find homes with this siding color, but you’re not confident you’ll get the same result. In such a situation, find online home color tools to use.

With these tools, you get to try out different vinyl siding colors on virtual houses. The idea is to see how each color interacts with the landscape and roof color. By doing this, you’ll quickly identify the perfect vinyl siding color to select.

8. Consider the Complementary Colors

It’s easy to get carried away by finding the perfect vinyl siding color and forget to check other complementary colors. The obstacle is when you pick a color that doesn’t go well with others. You’ll have a hectic time forcing other colors to complement the primary one.

To avoid this situation, undertake a study on how different colors interacts with each other. The idea is to find colors that are excellent together and will improve your home’s exterior. That’s why you should develop a list of various vinyl siding colors and see their complementary colors.

Enhance Your Home’s Exteriors by Choosing the Best Vinyl Siding Color

The vinyl siding color you choose will impact the house’s appearance and value. That’s why you must be keen when comparing different colors. Seek insights on the popular siding colors to ease your work.

When consulting an exterior painting expert on the siding color to use, communicate your needs. The idea is to let the professional know what you wish to achieve through side painting. Doing this allows the expert to recommend the perfect vinyl siding color for your home.

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