Ah, new love is something we all experience at some point in our lives. The honeymoon stage of any new relationship is fun, exciting, and a little bit anxious as you learn more about the person you are dating. It may be especially awkward if you begin dating someone close to their birthday or a major gift-giving holiday like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. If you just started dating your boyfriend, you may not know enough about them yet to know exactly what they like. However, fear not, because we are here to help you out.

Check out below our ultimate guide on cool gift ideas for your new boyfriend, especially if you just started dating and aren’t quite sure what to get him just yet.

Workout Clothes

If your new boyfriend is a runner, loves to workout, or just overall leads an active lifestyle, getting him some comfortable workout clothes is the way to go. Some guys love to wear workout clothes all the time because of how comfortable, and fashionable, they are. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, try looking into some running shorts for men. Since most running shorts are comfortable and moisture-wicking, they can be worn during any kind of high-endurance workout or if they just need to wear them around town. No matter the reason your boyfriend wears workout gear, getting him some running shorts will be a great gift.

Vinyl Records

One of the biggest trends making a major comeback is vinyl record collecting. Although it seems super old-fashioned, it’s a very popular and timeless hobby for a lot of people. Even with all the different music streaming apps out there, there is something about collecting and listening to vinyl records on a record player. Some of the reasons audiophiles prefer vinyl to CDs or online streaming is because of the following:

• Warmth – because vinyl is analog, they tend to produce a “warm” sound that feels good and smooth on your ears.

• Tactile feel – for some vinyl collectors, just the feel of the ridges of a vinyl record alone is enough to keep their hobby going

• Richness – like the warmth sound mentioned earlier, due to how the ridges and groves are made, this allows an openness for the audio to be played, thus allow greater qualities in the sound to be heard

If your boyfriend is a lover of the rock n’ roll genre, vinyl records are youryouryou best choice. Choosing to gift him a classic, like the black sabbath vinyl record collection, especially if you’ve noticed he likes to stream them or you’ve seen him wearing a band t-shirt. Even if he doesn’t have a record player, vinyl can also be used as a decorative wall art piece, too. Or, maybe this will be just the thing he wanted to finally convince him to get that antique record player he’s always wanted, thus helping him start a new hobby you both can share. It also helps you with future birthday and anniversary gift ideas, too.

Novelty Gifts

Your gift idea doesn’t have to be super serious if you don’t want it to be, especially if you and your new boyfriend are light-hearted people who like to have fun. If you think maybe something more fun and cute is more your new boyfriend’s style, we’ve got you covered, too. Giving silly gifts that don’t have a lot of sentimental meaning is probably always the best bet for gift ideas early in a relationship.

If you want to tickle their funny bone without overcomplicating things, check out these funny and cute novelty gifts ideas:

• Beard kit – if your boyfriend is a beard guy, definitely gift him something funny, yet practical, like a beard grooming kit

• Face masks – as people continue to wear face masks, consider gifting him a personalized one or one with his favorite band on it, like this The Rolling Stones face mask

• Ticket stub diary – if you both love going to concerts, movies, plays, festivals, or anywhere where you get a ticket stub, gift him a diary where he can keep the memories all in one place

• A board game – if you and your boyfriend are more the stay-at-home type, find an interesting new board game for both of you to play during date night

You don’t have to spend so much time wondering if you’re getting him the perfect gift, especially if things are casual between the both of you and aren’t quite as serious yet. By choosing to gift him a funny or novelty gift, it takes some of the pressure off of you and your new relationship.


If you noticed your new boyfriend likes to wear chain-link necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, that is a key indicator that he likes bling. Although it always hasn’t been acceptable for men to wear jewelry, the times are changing, and thank goodness for that. Many celebrities including sports stars, musicians, and social media influencers are making it socially acceptable to wear jewelry, no matter what gender.

If you aren’t quite sure what to get him or are needing somewhere to start, check out the following types of jewelry that are most popular amongst men:

• Chain link – the classic and timeless chain link can either be worn in silver or 14k gold, either way, it looks great on anyone

• Earrings – studs, hoops, or diamonds can always be a guy’s best friend

• Rings – popular style of rings for men typically include solid bands or signets, but any thick band variation is also in style

If your boyfriend already wears jewelry, try paying attention to what kind he likes to wear. If he is already a chain link kind of guy, get him some matching studs or a ring to complement it. Layering chain-link necklaces are also extremely popular, so even if he only has one link, grab him another one to complete his look. Also, feel free to check out the best mens jewelry CRAFTD as a great reference for the types of jewelry to choose for your man.

Patriotic Gifts

One great gift idea, especially if your boyfriend is extremely patriotic, is to give him the gift of the American flag. It may seem too simple, but getting him a quality American flag that he can proudly display will mean the world to him. You can find a great flag supply collection online to choose the right size and a tool kit to attach it outside or wherever he would like to display it. To make this gift even more American-made, look for companies that produce flags in the United States.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your guy loves listening to music, podcast, or generally anything that makes a sound, you should consider getting him a bluetooth speaker that he can take anywhere he likes. Bluetooth speakers are also great for date nights, picnics, a day hiking, at the beach, or anywhere you two can enjoy together. Bluetooth speakers come in all shapes and sizes and you can even purchase a waterproof bluetooth speaker, too. Getting a bluetooth speaker is a great recreational gift that both of you can enjoy, especially together.

Gift-Giving Doesn’t Have to be Hard for New Relationships

When in the early stages of a new relationship, it can be hard to find the right balance of giving an appropriate gift. You don’t want to give them something too sentimental if things are starting causal and vice versa. When it comes to gift-giving, our guide will help you choose the right gift for your new boyfriend. So next time you are planning to surprise your man with a gift, no matter the occasion, you’ll have some inspiration to pull from so he’ll love whatever you decide to give him.