Last holiday season, I took a limo ride around the Valley to look at Christmas lights. This year, I decided to step up my game and took in the holiday lights of the valley by helicopter.

Arizona Helicopter Adventures is offering a Holiday Lights Tour this season, and after experiencing it for myself it is definitely a must-do! There is no doubt we live in a beautiful place, but taking in the desert from a different perspective really makes you appreciate where we live. Seeing it decorated in holiday lights from way up high will take your breath away. There is nothing quite like seeing all the decorations in the Valley at once to really put you in the holiday mood. It inspired me to rush home and decorate my own home.

Ari and I.
Ari and I.

My good friend, Ari, joined me on the Holiday Lights Tour. After watching a quick safety video, we were then escorted to the helicopter where we met our trusty pilot, Chris. I was a little nervous at first for the take-off, but within seconds we were 500 feet in the air and gazing down at the Scottsdale Fairmont Princess. The resort was decked out in Christmas lights and we could even see the ice rink in the middle. Our next stop was headed west toward Glendale where we saw everything from beautiful homes in the Arrowhead area decorated in lights to all the festivities happening at Westgate City Center. Being born and raised in the West Valley, I have attended Glendale Glitters every single year, and let me just say that you have not experienced anything until you are flying in a helicopter with an aerial view of Glendale to make you truly appreciate it. It was beyond breathtaking. Ari described her view of the Valley as “a blanket of stars.” After we made our loop around Camelback Mountain, it was back to the landing pad. We graciously thanked our pilot and wrote a nice note in the guest book.

The Holiday Lights Tour with Arizona Helicopter Adventures definitely was an experience like none other. I highly recommend this if you’re trying to impress your date this holiday season or if you’re looking for a great gift to give someone special. Flights started over Thanksgiving weekend and will continue through New Year’s Day. The flight lasts for 30 minutes, take off between 5:30 and 9 p.m. and will run you $450, but seeing that smile on your significant other’s face will be priceless and well worth the expense.

Make sure you book your flight soon because spots will fill up fast! Call 480-247-8508 to make your reservation. Get a cup of hot cocoa, cuddle up in a blanket and enjoy the scene below!