Body positivity is about celebrating all shapes and sizes — curvy, plus-size, thin, athletic, dad bods, muffin tops. So what better way to celebrate your own body than by daring to bare and getting naked in Arizona. Don’t know where to start? We can’t help you unzip your dress, but we can tell you about the 10 best places to get naked in Arizona with a reduced risk or getting arrested. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

AZ Lagoon del Sol

AZ Lagoon del Sol Bed and Breakfast is a part of the Clothing Optional Home Network, which is a group of homes offering a private, clothing optional bed-and-breakfast-style experience. This very private, elegant home nestled in a quiet neighborhood north of Phoenix and has a sophisticated, yet comfortable feel. The home is completely private from the street so you’ll feel comfortable getting naked in Arizona. This is a great option if you want to dip your toe into nudism without a crowd watching.

Bartlett Lake

Bartlett Lake is a desert oasis in the northern part of the Tonto National Forest that is home to a “nude beach” that many free spirits like to enjoy au naturel, so be comforted knowing you will not be the only nude sunbather or swimmer. One downside: If you’re worried about “shrinkage,” the water can be very cold, even in the summer. That said, it is very refreshing once you adjust, especially when the summer sun is beaming down. If you are unable to locate the Bartlett Lake, consider using Google Maps to search for it. To seamlessly use the app, you will need a connection as reliable as Cox Internet.

El Dorado Hot Springs

This mineral-water clothing-optional spa is located 45 miles west of Phoenix and features bathing pools and tubs filled with natural water pumped straight from a subterranean spring. Private areas allow you to soak yourself away from the potentially prying eyes of other naked folks for only $15 an hour per person. If you’re a more social exhibitionistic, you can drop trou in the communal area for $10 an hour or $30 for the whole day.

Lake Pleasant

If your desire to go naked included some skinny-dipping, you might want to try out Lake Pleasant. Nude use of the lake is commonplace almost anywhere on the northern end of the lake or up river and away from “Humbug Cove,” aka aka “party cove,” where the majority of officer scrutiny occurs.

Mira Vista Resort

Mira Vista Resort in Tucson is one of the world’s most unique nudist resorts, with buildings dating to 1852. It has quickly become a favorite vacation destination for naturists. Fourteen guest suites in original adobe-style buildings are accented with local rock and mortar walls. The 30-acre grounds are filled with mature trees, saguaro cacti and many other native desert plants. Being able to enjoy a resort like Mira Vista without having to wear clothes just adds to the level of relaxation.

Naked yoga

Interested in trying nude yoga? Every Saturday at 1 p.m. with Megan Leigh Yoga, you can learn to “Love the Skin You’re In” during a calm clothing-optional yoga practice where participants shed their clothes, along with their egos. Bring a towel and body-positive mindset while you naked in Arizona while also doing something healthy for your body. Contact Megan Leigh Yoga for details.

Shangri La Ranch

If you’re thinking about getting naked in Arizona for the first time, Shangri La is a great place for your first naked experience. One of Arizona’s most popular clothing-optional resorts, the staff at Shangri La Ranch is friendly and the people who frequent Shangri La are welcoming to newcomers. Located north of Phoenix in New River, Shangri La Ranch is a family friendly facility that features a pool, hot tub, volleyball, water volleyball, tennis, basketball and more. And best of all, Shangri La offers a free pass to first-time visitors.

Sycamore Creek

If you’re looking to hike naked wearing nothing but your Travel Cat Backpack, check out Sycamore Creek, which has several natural pools used for skinny-dipping. The best time to go is spring and fall because the creek is often dry in summer. To find the spot, take the Beeline Highway, to mile marker 212 and look for a bridge near it with a sign saying Sycamore Creek.  Cross the bridge and turn right onto the dirt road just beyond it.  Turn left at the T intersection just beyond the ford and watch for the old water tank.

Tanque Verde Falls

A short ways up Redington Road in Tucson, a steep, dirt trail across from a parking lot leads down to Tanque Verde Falls. This canyon area has usually year-round water, a wide variety of native plants, scenic waterfalls, and deep, natural swimming holes with lovely, clear water. This area, which has been a popular naturist area for many years, is like a Garden of Eden in the middle of the desert. Just be sure to pack plenty of water for the hike in and out.

Verde Hot Springs

The Verde Hot Springs are the remains of a once-famous hot springs resort that burned down in 1962.  Today, all that remains is the foundation for the resort, one main pool and several more in the cliffside. For decades Verde Hot Spring has been a favorite hangout for nudists, so you won’t be the only person going without clothing here. Verde Hot Springs requires a hike of one mile to reach, so bring plenty of water, foo and a pair of water sandals for crossing the river.

Do you do better in groups? Here are some nudist group that will provide support in your quest to bare all:

• American Association for Nude Recreation

• Buff-A-Teers

• Canyon State Naturists

• Southwest Naturist Network

• True Nudists