Arizona has emerged as one of the top destinations for relocating remote workers, with an impressive influx of approximately 282,000 new residents in 2022. A new study dives deep into how and why Arizona has become such a magnet for professionals seeking new opportunities in a remote work setting. 

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Key highlights include: 

•  Arizona not only led the charts as one of the most popular states for remote workers but also experienced a substantial migration from high-cost states.

•  The state attracted 103,000 on-site workers and 34,000 remote workers, underscoring its allure due to its vibrant economy and a flexible work environment.

•  The demographic shift brought about by this trend is reshaping local economies and communities, positioning Arizona as a vibrant hub for business and innovation and making it one of the top destinations for Gen Zers, Millennials, Gen Xers, and Boomers. 

Other highlights from the study:

  • In 2022, remote workers took the lead in terms of relocation with a higher share of them moving, as 10.5% moved within the same state and 4.3% moved to other states across the U.S.
  • Florida and Texas are the most popular destinations for relocation, with about 740,000 and 660,000 people moving in, respectively
  • Millennial remote workers are most eager to relocate as opposed to other generational groups (51%), with most of them moving out of California and New York
  • California, New York and Pennsylvania see more remote workers leaving the state than moving in