In 2019, the average age of an American vehicle was 11.8 years. This is a pretty high number, but it can be impacted by a variety of factors: condition, mileage, and, yes, temperature.

Cars that are stored in high temperatures wind up with a slew of issues that others don’t. Quite literally, Arizona heat melting cars can become an issue that vehicles in the mid and northern US never could imagine. If this describes your frustrating situation, you’re in luck: we’re here today to discuss how to protect your car from… well, melting.

Read on to learn how to make sure your vehicle makes it to the 11.8-year mark and beyond!

Store It in Shade

Storing your car in a shaded area is the #1 way to protect it from the sun. Garages are perfect- even if yours isn’t air-conditioned, the sun won’t be beating down on your car and melting it. By the time you get to the car and hop in, you won’t even feel the extreme heat that you’re so tired of in vehicles.

If you don’t have a garage, try parking in shaded areas. Keeping your car under trees or in the shadows of buildings is a great way to keep it safe.

Use a Windshield Protector

When parked in a lot or somewhere that you don’t have a lot of control over the conditions of, windshield protectors are an absolute necessity. These stop the plastic of your windshield from becoming damaged. They also stop too much sun from entering your car and destroying the dashboard and seats.

Protect Your Seats

Speaking of your car’s seats, you’ll want to take measures to ensure that the sun doesn’t get to them, too. Installing seat covers is the most efficient way to do this- they’ll soak up the rays rather than the seats themselves. Try to get white or other light-colored seat covers to stop the rays from being absorbed too much.

If you have leather seats, you’ll also want to periodically wipe them down with a special conditioner that keeps them from absorbing too much sunlight.

Take Out a Loan

If all else fails and your car is having severe issues due to heat, don’t worry. Financing these problems can be a stressful challenge, but there are loans you can take out specifically for the purpose of renovating and restoring your automobile to its former glory. A title loan could help you take care of this (yes, we know the link talks about Washington, but they exist in Arizona, too). If you prefer a personal loan, you can take one of those out from your bank and finance car repairs with it.

Combat Arizona Heat Melting Cars

Car issues due to heat are frustrating, annoying, and potentially expensive, but luckily there are effective ways to combat them.

Now that you know how to fight against the Arizona heat melting cars, it’s time to get more tips to make your life in Arizona as easy as can be. Click on the ‘lifestyle‘ tab at the top of our page for more information on how to live your best life in the Grand Canyon State.

Good luck and stay chill!