When it comes to home shopping, the kitchen can make or break the deal. People love large stylish kitchens. It’s one room in the house where the family gathers at once and you can entertain guests.

A kitchen with great natural light is a plus. If it’s situated off of the back lawn and opens to the patio it’s even better. The home kitchen is an extension of the living area. 

People that love to host gatherings will want a large spacious kitchen with an open concept. 

Is it time to check your kitchen remodel of the to-do list? Keep reading for 10 brilliant ideas for a kitchen remodel.

Tips for Remodeling Your Home Kitchen

Your entire home should be a reflection of who you are. When you don’t feel good about any room in the house it shows. The kitchen is where you start your mornings and end your evening so make it a place you want to spend time.

There are simple things you can do like adding color to the walls, incorporating trendy art and other forms of home decor. New furniture can also add a spark.

If the budget allows, take the redesign a few steps further. 

1. Design for Expansion

Maneuvering around your kitchen shouldn’t be a chore. When the time is right, invest in a small kitchen remodel.  A good time is when the kids move into the next stages of their life.

Know out a wall and expand into a vacant bedroom. If there is space add-on to your home to get the additional square footage. 

A larger area to work with can give you the kitchen you’ve always dreamed about.

2. Let the Sunshine In

Expansion may not be in the cards but a brighter kitchen can have a dramatic effect. A kitchen situated along an exterior wall can be transformed by installing large windows or French doors that lead out to a garden or deck. 

3. Dramatic Backsplashes

A new backsplash and transform an entire kitchen. A kitchen remodel doesn’t have to break the bank. Today there are many design ideas for backsplashes.

Innovations in tiles, textures, and materials open the door for creativity. You can choose from subway tiles to tin panels. It all depends on the theme you want to go for.

You also have the option to bypass tiles altogether. One idea is to have vinyl wallpaper crafted using favorite family photos. 

4. New Flooring

If you have an outdated kitchen it could mean ugly linoleum vinyl flooring or dirty cracked tiles. A new floor can bring life back into the room. 

Hardwood and faux wood flooring are popular right now. New colors and finishes will give your kitchen allure without the worry of water damage. They also make the room look cleaner and fresh.

Flooring choices include real hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl, and ceramic woold look tiles.

5. Create a Family Wall

Accent walls can create a dramatic effect in a room. In a kitchen design, they provide a space to place a baker’s rack or shelves for cookbooks and other decorations.

A new fun idea in decorating is one that gets the family into the kitchen. Locate a an area to create a message wall. This is a wall painted with chalkboard paint. Family members can leave reminders or fun messages to each other.

Instead of chores, mom can write inspirational messages to inspire the kids for the week.

6. Upgrade Appliances

If you’re going to remodel your kitchen do it with style and class. The newer lines of kitchen appliances are keeping in step with modern technology.

Image smart appliances that make life easier. Refrigerators that allow you to see what’s inside while at the grocery store. A garbage can that can create a grocery list. Or an oven that you can preheat while on your way home from work.

These appliances are sleek in design and come in popular finishes.  

7. Enhance the Lighting 

LED lights shine bright when used in beautiful pendulum light fixtures. Lighting designs for kitchens are coming out in unique designs that add flair to kitchens.

Kitchens with high ceilings provide the perfect backdrop. When doing a home kitchen remodel, having the ability to raise low ceilings can make a small kitchen look bigger. 

If raising the ceiling is not an option, consider installing recessed light for a smooth look.

8. Change the Cabinet Layout

When was the last time you replaced or refinished your kitchen cabinets? During a kitchen remodel, new cabinets and take a large chunk of the budget. It doesn’t have to be that way if you have cabinets in good condition.

Wood cabinets can be refinished and stained in a new color. Or you can paint them to fit your other decor. Switching out the knobs and handles can get cabinets a new look.

Another way to give your kitchen a quick remodel is to change the layout of the cabinets. This, in turn, will change the overall look of the kitchen.

9. Modernize the Countertops

Out with the old Formica cabinets and in with the latest countertops. There are more choices today. Choose from marble, quartz, granite, and cement materials. Butcher block is also a favorite.

Updating your countertops is a kitchen remodel that will work within your budget. Advances in laminate surfaces can give you a new look for a fraction of the cost. 

10. Build Wrap-around Half-walls

Kitchen bar ideas are plenteous. These are the half walks that surround kitchens and allow people you to mingle with guests while putting on the finishing touches of a meal.

The half walls have countertops and are outfitted with stools or high seating. You can accent the area with pendulum lights or a stylish hanging wine glass rack.

Host a Big Reveal

Once the home kitchen remodeling is complete, celebrate with a big reveal. Invite friends and family over for dinner or another celebratory event. 

If a remodel is not in the cards but a new place is, check-out our real estate section to see where new developments are being built.