New Year’s resolutions always start off strong at the beginning of the year but slowly start to fade due to busy schedules and lack of motivation. By mid-February, almost the majority of Americans who made resolutions have ‘failed’ them in one way or another. That’s where meal delivery services can help you with health resolutions.

Two of the most common resolutions Americans make each year are related to healthy eating and losing weight. If these are your resolutions, you have likely noticed that you haven’t had the time or energy to consistently make nutritious meals each day. It can be a time-consuming process that makes healthy eating a challenge for at-home chefs. 

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Ryan Powell is the co-founder of Eat Clean Phx.

Meal delivery services are a great solution for those working to improve their diet in 2023. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, these services have increased in popularity as families and individuals look toward alternative options for meal prepping and fast-food pick-up. While some leave you stuck with not-so-healthy options, there are several that provide the perfect marriage of health and convenience. 

The most important aspect to healthy eating is consuming properly portioned and well-balanced meals. Nutrition-focused services understand this and create their menus to incorporate all the key food groups with the proper serving sizes. For those looking to lose weight, portion control is key and will prevent you from over-eating.

If you are often eating out, you may not be familiar with recommended serving sizes and are being given way more food than you should eat. Many restaurants are known for increasing their serving sizes and may offer a large plate of pasta that is higher in calories than what should be consumed. 

Ordering online can help you stay on track with your health goals by having delicious and well-sized portions delivered straight to your door. Depending on your schedule, pre-ordered meals can even provide you with more time to go to the gym or to spend doing what you want, supporting your physical and mental health. 

Lack of time and energy is a key factor into choosing meal delivery services. Meal prepping for the week or making one each night can be a vigorous process as you determine what you are making, check that you have all the ingredients, go to the store, and prepare the dish. After a long day of work or driving the kids around to extracurriculars, you may be too exhausted to prepare a full dinner and prefer to opt for something simpler. 

The number of delivery services that serve fresh, nutritious, and organic meals have increased over the years as more Americans prioritize healthy eating. For those who may not be willing to give up all the carb filled favorites, you will be happy to know that some offer a better-for-you alternative. Local meal delivery service, Eat Clean Phx which delivers Valley-wide, strives on making quality food without the added sodium, oil, butter, and unnecessary food ingredients. It is all about the ingredients used and enjoying more nourishing foods.  

If you find that you lack the motivation and necessary time to cook healthy and nutritious meals, food delivery services are the perfect solution as you work to eat healthier in 2023. 

Author: Ryan Powell is the co-founder of Eat Clean Phx. Eat Clean Phx is a family-owned meal delivery service that has been providing Arizonans with healthy, organic, and made from scratch meals since 2018. Co-founders Ryan and Brittany Powell strive to provide customers across the Valley with healthy meals giving families or busy individual an easy option for delicious breakfasts, lunches or dinners that are delivered straight to your home or office. For more information on Eat Clean Phx, visit