The type of clothes hangers you use for your apparel can influence how well or badly your clothes turn out in the long run. Unfortunately, not many of us think hard about the hangers we choose. We use hangers every day. But surprisingly, we don’t usually pay attention to the type we use.

There are different kinds of hangers, and we stand to benefit when we use the right type. In this guide, we’ll discuss the different types of hangers and the benefits of using them. We’ll also review the five best brands you can invest in and tell you what to look for in a hanger before buying.

 Best Clothes Hanger for Closet: Summary

1. Zober Premium Velvet Hangers – Non-Slip, Durable, Space Saving Clothes Hangers for Closet w/ 360 Degree Chrome Swivel Hook – Coat Hangers Hold up to 10 Lbs – 50 Pack – Black

2. Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers 50 Pack – Non-Slip & Durable Clothes Hangers – Black Hangers with 360 Degree Rotatable Hook – Heavy Duty Coat Hangers

3. Seropy Coat Hangers Clothes 40 Pack Wire Hangers Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hangers with Non-Slip Grooves, Ultra Thin Metal Hangers Space Saving Clothing Hanger 16.5 Inch

4. Plastic Clothes Hangers (20, 40, 60, 100 Packs) Heavy Duty Durable Coat and Clothes Hangers | Vibrant Color Hangers | Lightweight Space Saving Laundry Hangers (20 Pack – Black)

5. ELONG HOME Solid Wooden Hangers 20 Pack, Wood Suit Hangers with Extra Smooth Finish, Precisely Cut Notches and Chrome Swivel Hook

How We Choose the Best Clothes Hanger Brands

Wondering how we selected the best clothes hanger brands? As there are several hanger brands, it’s quite challenging to choose the correct one. Moreover, by following several steps, we choose the best possible one for you: 

Closet Fit: We do not want hanger brands that give your closet a camped look. So, we checked for closet fit by hanging each item in a closet. We noted if the hangers were cramped or gave an awkward fit.

Durability: At the end of the day, no one wants an item that won’t last long. We chose brands that make durable clothes hangers that will last and not wear off from regular use.

Regular Use: Another vital thing we considered was everyday use. You’ll be shuffling through your closet daily to pick outfits. Therefore, we ensured the dress hanger we picked could securely hold garments without falling off.

Hanging: We also tested each item’s capabilities. When testing, we hung different clothing, such as heavyweight blazers, silky dresses, jeans, and sweaters. After a few days, we checked if the clothing had imprints or any damage.  

Best Clothes Hanger for Closet: Reviews

Below is a review of our recommended clothes hangers for every closet. After testing dozens of hangers, these brands are our top picks. Our favorite is the Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet Non-slip hangers.

1. Zober Premium Velvet Hangers – Non-Slip, Durable, Space Saving Clothes Hangers for Closet w/ 360 Degree Chrome Swivel Hook – Coat Hangers Hold up to 10 Lbs – 50 Pack – Black

Buy the Zober Premium Velvet hangers if you want great value for your money. They are also the perfect hangers to make hanging garments a pleasure. These cool clothes hangers have a 360-degree swivel, shiny chrome hook, and notched shoulders. So you know hanging clothes will be nothing short of delightful.

Furthermore, these velvet hangers have a thin profile, making it easy to save space in your closet. Their soft texture effortlessly grips delicate apparel, such as tanks and camisoles. Although these are lightweight hangers, they are also sturdy. They can hold a maximum weight of 10 pounds and are ideal for items like coats. Also, the manufacturers designed the shoulder line on the hanger to help maintain your cloth’s form and the notches to keep straps in place.

If you want velvet hangers that can preserve your clothes shape, grip clothes, and prevent creases, these 50-pack hangers are your best bet.

Product Pros

  • Space-saving slim velvet hangers.
  • Precisely-cut notches that keep clothes in place.
  • Perfect for delicate items and heavy garments as well.
  • Features 360-degree swivel hook for flexibility.

Product Cons

  • You can’t use it for wet clothes since the color might transfer to clothes.

2. Utopia Home Premium Velvet Hangers 50 Pack – Non-Slip & Durable Clothes Hangers – Black Hangers with 360 Degree Rotatable Hook – Heavy Duty Coat Hangers

Utopia Home creates these hangers for anyone who wants to turn their closet into a showroom with sophisticated, non-slip hangers. The manufacturers use heavy-duty recycled ABS material with velvet covering to make these sturdy clothing hangers. They add a touch of luxury to your closet and are excellent for hanging suits, shirts, gowns, dresses, and more.

Moreover, the slim design of these hangers ensures that they don’t take up space in your closet. They also come with built-in shoulder grooves to allow you to store strappy garments without them falling off. With this value pack set, you won’t run short of hangers, and your closet will have a uniform look.

The Utopia Home Premium Velvet hangers are the deal if you are looking for sophisticated and great quality hangers but don’t want to spend on expensive wooden hangers.

 Product Pros

  • Slim design for a neat and minimalist closet.
  • Your clothes will not slip, thanks to the velvet coating.
  • Space-saving hangers.
  • Rotating hanger hook.
  • Aesthetically pleasing clothes hangers.

Product Cons

  • The velvet coating may leave some fibers on your hands the first couple of times.

3. Seropy Coat Hangers Clothes 40 Pack Wire Hangers Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hangers with Non-Slip Grooves, Ultra Thin Metal Hangers Space Saving Clothing Hanger 16.5 Inch

If you want waterproof stainless steel hangers that do not rust, look no further than these hangers. They are excellent for storing clothes in different places, including the bathroom, closet, bedroom, laundry room, and cloakroom. Anyone looking for the best laundry room clothes hangers will benefit from these.

When you buy these hangers, you will think they are flimsy. However, these stainless-steel hangers are sturdy enough to hold heavy garments like coats. They are also slim and will not occupy space in your closet. In addition, these hangers have non-sliding notches to help you hang delicate clothes like a silky camisole.

Seropy Coat Hangers are great if you want hangers that are not too heavy but sturdy enough to hold clothes.

Product Pros

  • You can use them anywhere.
  • You don’t have to worry about rust.
  • Slim design allows for more space for your clothes.
  • Non-sliding notches prevent clothes from falling off.
  • Smooth edge to prevent stabbing and snag.

Product Cons

  • Thinner than expected

4. Plastic Clothes Hangers (20, 40, 60, 100 Packs) Heavy Duty Durable Coat and Clothes Hangers | Vibrant Color Hangers | Lightweight Space Saving Laundry Hangers (20 Pack – Black)

Next, we have plastic clothes hangers from NEATERIZE. This dress hanger is ideal for anyone who wants to organize their tops, shawls, skirts, dresses, and more. They are more suitable for lightweight clothes, so you probably shouldn’t wear them in suits. These hangers have a slim, space-saving design. Plus, it has 6 eye-catching and elegant colors and comes with a smart design that combines function and fashion. In addition to that, it comes with standard dimensions of 16.5’’ x 9’’ and 0.28 ‘’, which gives you hanging convenience. You can maximize your closet space by using these to store your clothes. Also, they are not too flimsy or bulky, and you can choose from different colors. These hangers are your best bet if you want plastic hangers that are thicker than regular ones and won’t snap very easily.

 Product Pros

  • Available in different colors.
  • Money-back policy.
  • Standard size hook.

Product Cons

  • Not the best option for heavyweight clothing. 

5. ELONG HOME Solid Wooden Hangers 20 Pack, Wood Suit Hangers with Extra Smooth Finish, Precisely Cut Notches and Chrome Swivel Hook

Lastly, we have a wooden hanger from ELONG HOME, which comes with 20 smooth finished wood hangers. This cool cloth hanger is eco-friendly glossy lacquering, and snag-free, which helps protect your valued garments. Through its 360-degree swivel chrome anti-rust hook, you can hang and take clothes at any angle. Besides, anyone can benefit from this pack of sturdy and durable clothes hangers to keep their heavy winter clothes like suits, blazers, and slacks organized. Whether a professional or a budding organizer, this set gives you thirty chic hangers to work with for a consistent look. So, if you want to keep your heavy winter clothes in one place without slipping, these ELONG HOME Solid Wooden Hangers can be a great choice. 

Product Pros

  • Premium quality grade natural wood.
  • Suitable for heavy winter garments like coats, suits, and jackets.

Product Cons 

  • Quite Thinner than expected.

What is a Clothing Hanger?

A clothing hanger is an accessory that you use to hang garments. It’s usually a curved wood, plastic, or metal item with a hook and two arms. 

Clothes hangers have the shape of a human’s shoulders. They facilitate storing clothes, such as jackets, dresses, coats, and shirts, in a way that prevents wrinkles.

Hangers have been around for many centuries. However, they were for aristocratic families because they had a lot of clothes. Today, a hanger is an essential accessory in every family, and you can’t imagine your closet without them. 

You can also get clothes hanger organizers to help keep your hangers in place. They will help prevent breakage and tangling. 

Types of Clothes Hangers?

There are different closet clothes hangers that you can use to hang clothes. We’ll divide the different types of hangers based on the following criteria:

  • According to the material
  • According to usability
  • According to features

According to Material

You’ll find many hanger types that differ by material. These include metal clothes hangers, wire hangers, wooden hangers, plastic hangers, and fabric hangers. Let’s briefly look into each type.

Wire Hangers: Dry cleaners usually use this type of hanger because they are cost-effective. They are cheap and made of skinny wires. If you’re considering durable hangers, thin-wired hangers are not an option because they lose their shape quickly. Also, you can’t use them to hang heavy clothing.

Metallic Hangers: This type of hanger is sturdier than wire hangers. They are rustproof and made of materials like copper and iron. In addition, they are an excellent option if you want the best clothes hangers for heavy clothing, such as leather and woolen apparel.

Wooden Hangers: Wooden clothes hangers are another great choice if you want something long-lasting and durable. As the name tells you, they are made of wood, and you can use them for your coats and jacket. Most importantly, this hanger hangs your clothing straight without any creases.

Bamboo Hangers: Bamboo is perfect for creating durable and environmentally friendly hangers. Although they look like wooden hangers, they are much lighter and cheaper. Bamboo hangers are ideal for lightweight clothes.

Plastic Hangers: These types of hangers are not durable since they can easily buckle when you apply pressure. However, plastic hangers are economical and also low-maintenance. There are different types of plastic hangers on the market to suit everyone.

Fabric Hangers: Manufacturers design fabric hangers to protect your most delicate clothing. They weave and pad different fabrics to form a hanger. 

Satin and velvet hangers also fall under this category. Anyone looking to buy a closet clothes hanger for their delicate materials can go for fabric hangers.

Other types of clothes hangers, according to material, include huggable, petite, and flocked hangers.

According to Usability 

There are different types of clothes hangers according to their use, and these include:

Shirt Hangers: These are trendy hangers for shirts. You can virtually use every hanger as a shirt hanger. However, it’s helpful if you choose an object with notches. The essence of the notches is to hold the cloth from falling.

Pant Hangers: You will find pant hangers in different designs. For instance, there is one with a straight bar where you hang the pant by folding them. Also, you can use pant hangers with clips.

Suit Hangers: These hangers are special. You can hang the vest, jacket, and pants on the hanger. This saves space, so you don’t have to store every piece separately. Besides, you can also pick them up easily and wear them to an event.

We have other hangers according to usability, such as dress hangers, lingerie hangers, shoe hangers, tie hangers, travel hangers, and so on.

According to Features

There are different clothes hangers according to design or features, such as: 

Clips Hanger: This clothing hanger has clips, and it’s versatile. You can use them for different purposes. The clips help hold your clothing and prevent them from falling off.

Thin Hangers: These are ideal for when you are short on space. You can use thin hangers to your advantage since they don’t take up much space.

Swivel Hangers: These hangers have rotatable heads. So it’s easy to put them back in your closet without thinking about getting the proper direction. Swivel hangers are great for your kids’ closet.

Other different types of clothes hangers according to their design include:

  • Notches hangers
  • Single bar hangers
  • Non-slip hangers
  • Tubular hangers
  • Custom hangers
  • Wide shoulder hangers
  • Engraved hangers
  • Dry/wet hangers
  • Combination hangers

Main Benefits of Using a Clothes Hanger?

Clothes hangers come in different options, whether you want to hang suits, coats, shirts, skirts, and more. You can buy garment-specific hangers, so you’re always with the proper hanger for different clothes in your closet.

Furthermore, clothes hangers help you have a well-organized closet where you effectively store all your garments. Not only do they give your closet an organized look, but they also help you pick outfits effortlessly.

Additionally, your clothes last longer when you store them properly. An investment in high-quality clothes hangers is an investment in your appearance. These hangers reduce wrinkles, retain the clothing’s shape, and avoid snags that may cause damage.

What are the Disadvantages of Different Types of Hangers?

We are going to look at the disadvantages of some popular clothes hangers:

Wooden Hanger

  • These hangers are often more expensive than other types.

Plastic Hanger

  • Although plastic hangers are easy to access, they are not strong and can lose shape.
  • They are prone to slippage.
  • The thicker options are not the best.

Wire Hanger

  • They rust easily, so this shortens their lifespan.
  • Their pliability makes them bend, reducing their lifespan.
  • More prone to cloth slippage.

Velvet Hanger

  • The hanger’s color might transfer to wet clothes.
  • Not easy to clean.

Bamboo Hanger 

  • More expensive options than wire or plastic hangers.

Satin Hanger

  • Not the best option for heavy garments, such as suits.

Fabric Hanger

  • They are more expensive, especially when they are custom-made.

Wood Hangers vs. Felt Hangers: Which is Better?

How you store your clothes is as important as the clothes you buy. The type of hanger you choose will influence how your clothes turn out over time. For example, the best clothes hangers will not cause your apparel to slip and fall. However, a low-quality hanger may buckle and cause your clothes to stretch or fall off. So which is better: wood or felt hangers?

First, both wood and felt hangers are superior to wire or plastic hangers. Although those may come in handy when you’re on a budget, you should avoid them if you want your clothes to last.

We recommend choosing wood hangers if you have closet space for them. They are highly durable and support a wide range of apparel. However, if you need a hanger for silky and delicate clothes, felt hangers are great options.

What to Look for in a Clothes Hanger?

There are several factors you need to look into when buying dress hangers, like 

Material: As stated earlier, there are different clothes hangers according to the material. There are wooden hangers, plastic hangers, metallic hangers, and so on. Some materials are best for certain fabrics and more slippery than others. For instance, if you want to buy hangers for silky clothes, then non-slip hangers like velvet hangers are ideal. 

Similarly, you have to consider the right hangers for your garments. When choosing hangers for heavy fabric like wool, studier options, such as wooden hangers, are your best bet. Also, if you want a streamlined look in your closet, choose hangers with the same material for all your apparel.

Price: Another factor to consider when choosing a clothes hanger is price. If you need to change all the hangers in your wardrobe for a streamlined look, the cost can go up really quickly. In this case, go for brands that you can buy in bulk. Hanger sets, such as wooden suit hangers, are worth the investment. On the other hand, budget plastic items might only serve you temporarily.

Space: You may not have enough room in your closet to hang clothes. Slim hangers should be your go-to option if you find yourself pushing back your hangers to create more space. You can also go for hangers that allow you to hang multiple clothes on one.

Features: Hangers come with different features and designs. When choosing a clothes hanger, you want to consider its standout designs. For instance, there are flocked hangers covered with soft materials like velvet. These hangers have a hard interior. They might also have padding, making them suitable for delicate fabrics. In the same manner, some hangers have non-slip pads to help keep clothing in place. These hangers are best for slippery items that easily slide off of hangers.


Is hanging clothes better than drying them?

Hanging your clothes instead of using dryers can help prevent heat damage. Delicate fabrics easily lose their fit and shape due to the heat and tumbling of dryers. By hanging your clothes to dry, you are helping maintain the form and fit they had when you got them. The best way to hang dry clothes is by following the guide on your clothing care label. Hang-drying your clothes may take more time. However, it helps your fabrics last longer and looks as great as when you first bought them.

How do you clean hangers?

How you clean your hangers will depend on the material they are made from, so the cleaning process differs. For hangers that are wooden, metallic, or plastic, you can use a damp rag to wipe them down. However, if your hangers are velvet, vacuuming them when they get dusty should do the trick. Also, you can use a lint roller to remove dust, lint, and grime.

Final Thoughts

Choosing premium clothes hangers will make your garments retain their fit and last longer. You will also spend less time ironing since hangers help prevent wrinkles and creases. 

There are different types of hangers, from plastic to velvet. Using the right one for your clothes is vital. You don’t want your clothes to get damaged from being snagged or become trampled after falling off.

All hangers are not made equal. So, you want to take some time and choose sturdy hangers with the necessary features to hold your clothes. We’ve reviewed the top five brands for the best hangers for long-term use. Our top pick is the Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers, which are sturdy enough for any clothing.