When hiking in Arizona, you’re spoiled for choice with a variety of beautiful locations. The diverse landscape is a delight to explore by foot with its combination of desert and mountains.

Arizona hiking trails provide one of the most delightful experiences because it’s home to so many natural features, rock formations and epic landscapes. Most of the best hikes in Arizona can be done by anyone, others are for more seasoned hikers that know their way around a trail or two.

Use this list of the best places to go hiking in Arizona and plan ahead. Also, always make sure you’ve got the right gear for the job like the correct footwear and drinking water.

Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon

One of Arizona’s most famous hikes can be found at the breathtaking Grand Canyon. The Bright Angel Trail has several day-hike points that can last between half a mile and 12 miles.

During this hiking trail, you’ll traverse from the edge of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, right down into the canyon. The steep trail hugs the canyon wall closely and you’ll get spectacular views from a great vantage point. So, if you’re afraid of heights, you may want to leave this one out.

Be careful of the weather conditions when traveling on the Bright Angel Trail. During winter, this hike will be icy and covered in snow and summer is incredibly hot. The best time is usually around spring.

Cathedral Rock – Sedona

As a popular landmark of Sedona, Cathedral Rock is also known as one of Sedona’s “energy vortexes”. Hikers are able to travel up the trail at Cathedral Rock to be blown away by a breathtaking view.

Expect to travel around one mile and there are some pretty steep sections that will require you to use both your hands and feet. 

Echo Canyon Trail – Chiricahua National Monument

One of the most unique and beautiful trails in Arizona is the Echo Canyon Trail. To enjoy this hike, you’ll have to visit the formation of rocks high above the desert in its own mountain range called Sky Island.

The Echo Canyon Trail is a loop of around 3.5 miles and it takes you through some of the most spectacular landscapes. Expect an elevation of around 454 feet, plenty of narrow passageways, spires and a small slot in the rock known as “wall street”.

To visit the Chiricahua National Monument, it’s located in the far south of Arizona. This spot is known as one of the best places to camp in Arizona, it’s also a great place to take a longer hike or relax and enjoy your CBD vape oil if you remembered to pack the goods. The Big Loop can link to part of the Echo Canyon Trail, making the entire hike around 7 miles.

Antelope Canyon

It’s a hotspot, all on its own and travelers, tourists and hikers can come to Antelope Canyon often to walk the trail and take snaps. Antelope Canyon has narrow slots and twisted walls that allow the sun to beam light through the canyon.

To enjoy a hike at Antelope Canyon, you’ll need to take a tour that involves a brief ride to the opening of the canyon. With your own personal safety guide, you’ll be able to wander through the canyon at your own pace and enjoy every delightful rock formation in the canyon.

Antelope Canyon can be found right next to the town of Page in North Arizona. Tours that go through the Horseshoe Bend and Sedona usually include a small incursion through Antelope Canyon. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned hiker, this trail is ideal for anyone, there are no steep inclines and a walk through the canyon and back is only around half a mile.