So, you have just finished getting your qualifications and are wondering what you should do next with your life. This can be a scary choice to make, but it doesn’t have to be, as right now is the perfect time to take your gap year and find yourself.

This handy guide is going to help you find out why going on a gap year will be the best thing you ever do and help you to decide on the perfect destination to expand your world view.

Why is going on a gap year worth it?

When you are considering going on a gap year, it can be all too easy to talk yourself out of this meaningful and fulfilling experience with arbitrary worries such as money and time. The truth is that after you finish college or university, you still have the rest of your life out in front of you, making this a great time to see some of the world.

There are hundreds of reasons to go on a gap year, but one of the most compelling is that it will dramatically increase your confidence. You won’t even realize it when it’s happening, but traveling around the world will help you develop and grow all kinds of essential life skills, such as organization, budgeting, negotiating, problem-solving, communicating and empathizing, which will help you to become a more well-rounded person.

Choosing your destination

Now that you can start to see some of the benefits of going on a gap year, the next big choice you have to make is concerning where you want to travel to. An excellent place to begin with this is with a reputable travel blog such as, which can give you an informative take on where you should go.

One of the most popular areas of the world to visit is Asia, so this handy article is going to give you the essentials on three hot destinations to visit.


When looking up the top things to do in Shanghai, it is hard to miss the Shanghai Museum which has over 120,000 exhibits of historical relics and descriptions in English. If you want to go somewhere a little bit more off of the beaten track, then paying a visit to Watertown is perfect for those who enjoy architecture and canal rides.


There are many things that make Hong-Kong awesome to visit on your gap year, and one of the wonders you cannot leave without seeing is the Victoria Harbour. This dazzling light show is performed with harmonic sounds to let you see the most incredible skyline in the world in all its glory. Be sure to plan in advance for your pre arrival registration Hong Kong for Indian passport.


The final thing you should do is take a gander at a tourist guide to Taipei, which is one of the fasted growing Asian destinations for gap year tourists. Located in Taiwan, the cultural dive into the night markets is a top activity to do.

Choosing Asia for your gap year will mean you get to experience a culture completely different from your own and expand your world view.