Turkey is a famed travel destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Visitors to Turkey go there to experience the good weather, the various historical and heritage sites, as well as the beautiful cities and locations that also contain diverse cultural practices and peoples from all over the world. As a travel destination, it is equally a safe place for one to visit during their holiday. However, planning for such a trip can present some challenges, more so if you have no idea who to work with. In this article, I will present to you two travel operators who have gained quite a repute for organizing and facilitating leisure and luxury trips to Turkey. To book a trip to Turkey and learn more about your options, you can visit TUI and Thomas Cook Turkey Holidays.

TUI Holidays

TUI is a travel operator that works from Hannover in Germany and has operations in the UK. TUI is the largest travel and tourism company in the world and has operations in all the major tourist and travel destinations in the world. The company organizes leisure travel and tours to most of the destinations in the world. It owns several travel and tour agencies in the world, as well as hotels and retail stores. These resources, alongside their airlines, and crisis ships make them the most efficient and reliable leisure and travel company in the world.

Thomas Cook Holidays

Thomas Cook Group is Britain’s largest global travel company. The company operates out of Britain and explores destinations in Germany, Scandinavia, and Balearic. It offers chartered and scheduled passenger airline services, package holidays to any destination in the world as well as cruise trips and a wide range of hotels and resorts. It also has a thriving retail venture that allows travelers to make purchases of the best products no matter their location in Europe and other destinations.

Planning Your Trip to Turkey

TUI and Thomas Cook are now helping travelers and tour enthusiasts to access Turkey and experience its beauty, history and diverse culture. Through travel agencies spread out all over the globe, TUI and Thomas Cook are now allowing you to budget for and book your travel packages to Turkey and anywhere else in the rest of the world. Both these two leisure travel and tour companies have their services available to you wherever you are in the world, and they can help you to plan your travel itinerary and select the best destinations. Through their online websites, they have made it simple for you to make travel plans right in the comfort of your living room, without the hustles of going physically to meet a travel agency.

They are also able to help you with leisure accommodation in Turkey, as well as additional services, all of which are affordable. These services include but are not limited to air travel throughout Turkey, and cruise trips on the Bosporus and Marmara seas. Travelers also have the chance to access retail services at their retail stores in Turkey. You can start planning for your trip today by visiting TUI and Thomas Cook Turkey Holidays.