Arizona is not only a popular place for tourists from all over the world, but it is also a popular destination for moving. Whether you live in New York or L.A., you have to admit that Arizona is one of the best states in which to live. If you are still unaware of this, read about why you should be moving to Arizona. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages, but every state has those.

Facts about Arizona

• Arizona leads the nation in copper production.

• The bola tie is the official state neckwear.

• Arizona is home of the Grand Canyon National Park.

• The colors blue and gold are the official state colors.

• A person from Arizona is called an Arizonan.

• People in Arizona love outdoor activities.

 Advantages of Arizona

Arizona has many advantages, which is exactly why so many people have been moving there lately. If you like hot weather almost all year long, Arizona is the place to be. Arizona has over 320 sunny days yearly, which is the majority of the year. In the summertime, the temperature can come up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. During this period it’s really important to stay hydrated and inside as much as possible because the sun can be cruel to human skin. And summertime in Arizona is the off-season if you want to move. It’s the time when moving inside the state lines of Arizona is the cheapest and fastest as not many people want to deal with packing and moving when it’s 100 degrees outside.

Arizona has good public transport. So if you are someone who doesn’t like to drive around too much, this is perfect for you. It’s mostly bus public transportation but Phoenix has a metro and it is expanding more and more. Because of this, there isn’t a lot of traffic on the highways.

  Good public transport makes it easier to move inside the state of Arizona.

Another great thing about Arizona is that it has good jobs available throughout the state and rural options available too. Which definitely means you could live comfortably. Especially because Arizona housing isn’t expensive at all. Many families are moving to Arizona and renting for the first year. Expect to pay around $1,000 per month if you need a two-bedroom apartment. Even though Arizona is very hot, there aren’t many problems with insects or exotic animals.


Because of the weather found in the desert, several open-air festivals are available to enjoy in the state. Which is great for young people. But Arizona also has plenty of museums, operas, and theaters if you prefer that kind of fun. Cinemas are on every corner. There is also a huge variety of restaurants from Thai food to Morrocan food. Many celebrities are starting to invest in Arizona’s food scene by opening restaurants. Anything you can think of, you can find it. People in Arizona love outdoor activities. Arizonians also love going out to clubs and bars. That is exactly why you can always find a good place to have a drink and dance to some good music. And if you like to shop, big shopping malls can be found all over the state.

If you haven’t already, you must go to the Grand Canyon.

Disadvantages of Arizona 

Some are moving out of Arizona for good and it’s because of the disadvantages of Arizona. Yes, Arizona has nice weather but in the late summer, it also has frequent afternoon monsoons. Monsoons are powerful thunderstorms that often induce street flooding or damage from lightning strikes. Not to mention those big dust storms you see on the Internet.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that gun ownership is strong within the state. Some will, of course, find this as a big advantage. But if you are someone who doesn’t like guns, you definitely shouldn’t be moving to Arizona. You will feel unsafe walking around knowing that every third person on the street owns a gun. Arizona also tends to lean toward conservative values from a political standpoint.

Should you be moving to Arizona?

Considering how many advantages Arizona has, the answer is yes. You should be moving to Arizona. Arizona’s cities are among the top 100 best places to live in. But that is of course if you are someone who likes warm weather, outdoor activities, bars and clubs. But it also goes for people who prefer to be inside more. As we said, Arizona has many museums and theaters and cinemas. You should also be moving to Arizona if you don’t want to have any problems with insects or pests in your home. Even though your home is inexpensive, you really shouldn’t be having to spend your money on something awful like that. But you might have to spend some extra money after the monsoons and floods come. There is also a risk of losing your whole house. We can’t forget to mention the fires because the weather is hot.

As you can see for yourself, there are many things to consider before deciding whether you should or shouldn’t be moving to Arizona. It’s up to you to calculate the expenses and whether it is worth it or not. Our advice is to compare the advantages and disadvantages of Arizona to the advantages and disadvantages of your current state. That way you will easily see whether you want to move your whole life to Arizona or no.