One of the biggest things you can do to protect our planet is lead a greener lifestyle. Start by building an environmentally-friendly house. Here’s your guide!

If you care about the planet and you’re planning on upgrading your home, there are plenty of amazing things you can do to create an environmentally-friendly house.

With issues like climate change and species extinction ever looming, it’s more important than ever that we all do our part to help create a cleaner, greener world.

Take a closer look at these five tips that will help you enjoy an eco-friendly home without breaking the bank.

1. Go Solar

Consider adding solar panels to your home in lieu of traditional electrical power. The sun’s rays produce plenty of natural power, and with the right setup, you can save tons of money on your annual energy costs.

While they may seem expensive upfront, in the long run, solar panels can be extremely beneficial both to your family and to the planet. Take a closer look at local solar services to get an estimate so you can begin to make the transition.

2. Build an Environmentally-Friendly House

If you’re building from scratch, you can create a home that’s entirely eco-friendly. From the materials used to the electrical and plumbing system, there are countless ways to create a home that leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

Choose a reliable home builder who specializes in less waste and greener building materials. They will walk you through the process of building a more eco-friendly home, and you’ll be proud of your new investment.

3. Insulate Intelligently

Proper insulation should keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If it’s not insulated correctly, you’re not only losing financially. The environment loses, too.

Check your attic and crawlspace to ensure that your home has enough insulation. Switch from fiberglass to something more effective and sustainable such as insulation made from recycled denim or spray foam. 

Whichever way you go, a correctly insulated home will help save on power use and keep your family comfortable. 

4. Tend Your Garden Smartly

Whether you have a vegetable garden or luscious landscaping, how you care for it matters. Create a compost pile using organic matter like veggie scraps and even old coffee grounds.

Instead of using weed killer, try looking for organic and/or more eco-friendly ways to reduce stubborn weeds. The same applies to insects.

When you garden smartly, the garden will thank you and so will the earth. Eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and processed plant food and try to go all-natural instead.

5. Try Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Today’s new lightbulbs are definitely more efficient than their predecessors. Do some research and opt for the most efficient bulbs available.

Switching from classic bulbs to modern, more efficient ones will save you on your energy bills big time. Another bonus? These newer lightbulbs tend to last a lot longer, meaning there are less old lightbulbs to end up in landfills.

Going Eco-Friendly Is Easy

With a few small tweaks, you can transform your space into an environmentally-friendly house.

Even if you’re not planning to build a new home, simple changes like going organic in the garden and updating your insulation can make a huge difference.

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