It is important for people to include a part of vegetables or fruits in their diet regularly and when they aren’t a huge fan of vegetables or fruits, then they can extract healthy juices from produce. Due to their various nutritional benefits, individuals have begun to juice apples, carrots, and kale. However, the choice of picking a juicer from a huge variety of juicers is pretty overwhelming and so; you need to shortlist some products that will be able to meet your particular needs.

Cold press juicer: How it works?

A cold press juicer does its job by using the best juicing method for separating the fiber of vegetables and fruits from the juice but in the process, it retains their vital nutrients. The result that people get is pure juice only which has got good stuff intact. When you heat enzymes and nutrients, they get destroyed and so, a centrifugal or a regular style juicer utilizes high powered blades for pulverizing the vegetables and fruits into a juice. The cold press juicers work by pressing the vegetables and fruits into pulps for extracting juice in the absence of any friction heat.

Benefits of cold-pressed juicer

Some of the reasons for buying a cold-pressed juicer are as follows:

• Customized components – It saves you money will also ensure that you drink nutritional and healthy juices. You can select organic products from the market for making cold-pressed juice and these juicers are found with a “reset” button. The extracted juice is particularly helpful after indulgent weekends, vacations, or when people feel a bit low due to weather.

• Preserves nutritional value – A conventional juicer can oxide the fibers and nutrients because of the heat that a high-speed spinning generates. A cold-pressed juicer doesn’t produce high heat similar to a conventional juicer and so, the former can keep the fibers and nutrients intact.

• Low noise – As a cold-pressed juicer has a lower speed processing, it does produce low noise in comparison to a conventional juicer. Due to this; you can utilize the juicer without disturbing other people.

• Yields more juice – It yields more juice compared to a centrifugal Also, some of these juicers do process nuts for producing cashew nut or almond milks that you would not do with a standard fast juicer.

• Blockage-free operation – It could come with a specific reverse action motor that makes it easier to clear its blockages and it is a feature that can’t be matched by a conventional juicer.

Disadvantages of a cold-pressed juicer

• Smaller chute – As there is a smaller chute, it needs more prep job.

• High cost – It is more expensive compared to a centrifugal juicer.

• The slow process of working – This juicer type is slower as it takes more time for extracting juice from vegetables or fruits.

• Bulky – It takes up more space and it turns out to be bulky too.

• Juice comprises pulp – You will find lots of pulp or solids in it.

Final thoughts

People who use cold-pressed juicers have mixed reviews on it. Some people enjoy the strength that these juicers carry along with their quiet operation and as their yield is higher, these juicers become an excellent candidate for those who juice for their families. Again, some express their dismay when the matter comes to grinding vegetables or pulpy fruits. As the auger remains full of a buildup of pulp, at times, people find it tough to clean these juicers.