If there is one thing in this world that a person needs to have, it is a creative outlet. Creativity refers to our inherent need to create something novel or new and which we derive pleasure in carrying it out. It is that single activity that we can immerse our true selves in producing something that is inspiring, astounding and worthwhile. Each one of us has different skills, talents and interests which also means that our creative pursuits are as different and unique. We go through life thinking that our creative interests is something that we can put on hold since we have more serious things to do and more responsibilities to accomplish. For example, a young lady who used to write poems has not written anything for the last 10 years because she has been caught with building her career and trying to win that race of life while still young. However, a creative interest or passion has been found to be linked to happier and better-adjusted individuals compared to those who do not have any creative outlet. There are many creative pursuits, but one of the most enduring had been needlework. There is a generation of Americans who have made crocheting and knitting as their creative interests. For those who are passionate and excited with needlework, a yarn club subscription is a must.

Yarn Club Subscription

Needlework has three main components, the needles or hooks, the yarn and the design kit. For most people, needlework was taught in schools, or if not by our grandparents or aunts. There is a vibrant community of needlepoint enthusiasts and it is even a multi-million industry. The main component of any needlework is, of course, the yarn, it is the blank canvass in which the knitter or the one crocheting can translate into an actual object the design that one wants to do. For beginners, one needs to have guides or manuals on how to create different designs and projects, but for the experts, they can knit or do their own designs free hand as long as they follow the basic stitches. But sourcing high quality and eco-friendly yarns are difficult to do. A yarn club subscription fixes the problem with finding that perfect yarn. Moreover, some people find needlework monotonous and unchallenging. For people who crave a challenge and those who want to accomplish something, doing the same stitches and knots for days can be boring and would lead to uncompleted pieces.

A yarn club subscription is a fun way of ensuring that your needlework is still exciting and interesting. When you subscribe to a yarn club, you get a unique eco-friendly and beautiful yarn to work with, as well as a design kit which you may or may not follow, as well as become a member of an exclusive club online where you can trade techniques and experiences and share stories and build friendships. The yarns are hand-crafted, with only the best quality, in striking color combinations which can be made into different pieces. Each month, you get a new yarn and guide book as well as surprise gifts and exclusive offers and access. Imagine having a new yarn each month, and completing different projects every month. These make the hobby much more interesting and fast paced. With a monthly subscription, you get more bang for your buck, you get a complete kit, and one of the most beautiful yarns in the world, made by artisans from their own silk farms or recycled form other fabrics. The yarns are hand dyed and dried so as to preserve its color and strength.

Expressing Your Creativity

Not all people are created equal, and not all people have the same interests and capabilities. However, what is important is that all of us share that passion and drive to seek out new things and experiences. Creativity can be expressed as a behavior, and it can also be done internally without people knowing what it is that you are thinking about or is planning for. A monthly yarn club subscription aims to provide its customers with the ability to express their creativity in terms of aesthetic and practical use. For example, if you happen to admire that peace sign on a jacket and want to recreate it in your scarf, then you can do so with the right kind of yarn and tools. Needlework is also therapeutic in the sense that it can have a calming effect, it is repetitive, individual work and the completed projects are always outstanding. Also, the yarn club subscription allows you to make friends and interact with same minded people and not feel out of place or ancient because you like needlework. You can express your creativity through your outputs and projects and have a community of needlepoint workers appreciate your work and provide encouragement. More often than not, we hide our creative pursuits and try to do these behind closed doors, we are afraid of being judged and criticized, and more so when you love needlework because it is considered as only old people love to do, or even to the point of being judged as a nerd or a loner because you knit or crochet. The thing is, creativity can be expressed in many forms, and for some, and a ball of colored yarn can be enough excitement and inspiration to create a work of art.

Eco-Friendly Yarns

People who have the passion to do needlework can distinguish between a synthetic and poor quality skein of yarn and a high-quality and hand-crafted skein of yarn. As any needlework enthusiast would tell you, your final output or creation is only as good as the quality of the yarn that you are using. Thus, with a monthly yarn club subscription, you get a beautifully colored hand-crafted skein of yarn every month, and you pay only for what you are going to use. For example, if you decide to go on vacation, then you can tell the yarn club to hold your subscription and you pay only for what was delivered and received on your end. This is cost-effective and protects the client from other charges that other companies might give even if you did not receive or use the monthly yarns and kit. By delivering the yarns only to the people who want it; is already an eco-friendly move, this avoids wastage and yarns are made from recycled fabrics and spells the difference from the synthetic ones. Moreover, the yarns are hand-loomed and dyed by brave and beautiful women in India. When you buy a subscription, it is not just having a new yarn each week, but rather being able to help about 100 women from India who work tediously to come up with the best designs and yarns for you.

Choosing a Yarn Club Subscription

There are many companies that specialize in the selling of yarns and design kits, but you need to look for those who will offer you more than just a skein of yarn. Online shops that specialize in selling yarns and kits would know what to recommend to the customer and will probably convince you to buy one of their products or to get a subscription with a lock-in period. Choose an online shop that would not do this to you, make sure that subscriptions can be canceled or put on hold if you are unavailable or out of the country. Moreover, look for an online shop that offers you eco-friendly products that will make you feel good at being able to help others while pursuing your creative endeavors. Look for a company that knows the intricacies of yarn production and not just some shop who sells you knock offs or poor quality yarns. Make sure also, to check whether the online shop allows returns and exchanges or are the policies regarding their products clear, concise and easily understandable. Moreover, not all skeins of yarns are created in the same way, sometimes you will get the right colors, at other times, not the one you really wanted. This, however, is the novelty of the monthly yarn club subscription. You never know what you are going to get, and the design kits are suited to your age and level of skills, and then you become a part of a community of needlepoint workers who love their yarns as much as you do.

Most people think that working and establishing a career and having a family is the only thing that matters in life. But empirical evidence suggests that happy people are creative people, and creative people have this positivity and feelings of contentment that is to be envied. We all need a group of people who share our interests and hobbies, and thus can make more and more people happy despite being in a rat race. Yarn club subscriptions can be expensive, but it can immensely help in keeping your sanity and offering you alone time and yet still feel that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment after finishing a project.