Buying home decor — event wholesale home decor — can create a lot of expenses. If you want to save money, you should make your own home decor instead. All it takes is just a little creativity and some investment of your time. The following are eight ideas on how to make DIY home decor. 

Wrap Jute Rope around an Old Vase

If you have an old vase, you can transform it into the modern design by wrapping jute rope around it. To keep the rope in place, you can apply super glue on the vase surface. The jute rope looks just like the sandy seashore of the beach and can add a nautical theme. After that, you can buy a bouquet to put in the vase. If you are looking for some cheap flowers, you can order them here.  

Transform an Old Cabinet Door into a Dinner Tray

If you have an old cabinet, you can remove its doors and use it as a dinner tray. The holes used for fixing the screws can be filled with wood filler. If the paint has faded away, simply repaint the cabinet surface. Then, you drill in new holes in the two sides to fix two handles for you to carry the tray. 

Reuse an Old Ladder as a Rack or Cabinet

An unused wood ladder can be transformed into a rack for putting your items, for example, towel, and book rack. You can also hang pots of plants on the ladder rack. If you don’t know how to grow plants in a hanging basket, you can get them for an affordable price at the local florist. Wood ladder rack can be repainted with your favorite paint. If it is a metal ladder, make sure you don’t put in a wet place like a bathroom as it can get rusty. A more complicated design of ladder rack design would require you to use several A-frame ladders and putting shelves through each of the steps. This is suitable for a cheap china cabinet in case you don’t have money to buy a real one.

Refurbish a worn out cabinet with wallpaper

If your drawer cabinet is worn out on the surface, you can refurbish it by sticking wallpaper on it instead of throwing it away. You can easily buy patterned wallpaper for cheap online. These wallpapers have adhesives at the back that can stick to the cabinet surface so you don’t have to apply glue. 

Stack Unused Books as a Side Table

In your home, you may have some books that you never read. Instead of letting they get dusty on the book rack, you can stack them on the side of your couch and put wood on top of it as a side table. You can stack them in fan style to add some stylishness. 

Use Pegboard to Hang Shelves in a Living Room

You can use pegboard to install the shelves if you don’t want to install nail or screw into your wall. With a pegboard, you can install the shelves neatly in even line. Wall shelves can add a lot of additional spaces for putting your decor and vases. Besides, the wood pegboard can also act as an insulation and help to warm up space. 

Convert Grass Baskets into Bathroom Towel Shelves

Grass basket can be attached to the wall in screws to add some extra shelve space. You can put towels and other bathroom accessories in the wall basket. You can even put a small pot of plant on top to freshen up the air in the bathroom. 

Use Transfer Lettering to Label Your Spices

Instead of using a white sticker to label your spices, you can print the label directly onto the bottle with a dry transfer lettering. These pre-printed sheets are decals that can easily peel and stick onto your spice bottle surface.