An inspection by building safety officials has found that the Glen Lakes clubhouse, which includes the pro shop and restaurant, as well as the Glen Lakes maintenance building are unsafe to occupy. As a result of these serious safety issues, Glen Lakes Golf Course, located in Glendale at N. 55th Ave. and Northern Ave., has been closed until further notice.

Earlier this summer the clubhouse, maintenance building and restroom building were initially inspected. At that time, deficiencies were identified as being in need of repair. A subsequent inspection, on Nov. 1, 2018, found that the clubhouse and maintenance building have deteriorated to the point of being imminently unsafe structures. While there were numerous deficiencies noted in the building inspection notice, the two most concerning items are the roof structure and electrical issues.

The situation is being reviewed and the city is looking at how much it would cost to continue operations, both short-term and long-term. An agenda item regarding this issue will be added to the Nov.13, 2018 Council Workshop.