Experts from visual discovery engine Pinterest say that tattoos are consistently one of the top reasons people turn to Pinterest, ranking most popular tattoos among the most popular searches every single year.

Here’s a peek at some of top tattoo themes, designs and placements, according to Pinterest’s global data:

• Tattoo themes… Inspirational tattoos are up as people look for a dose of self-love (Searches for Inspirational tattoos +1448% and searches for Self love tattoos +1320%)

• Tattoo designs… 3D tattoos are one of the top designs on Pinterest. (Searches for 3D tattoos +491%)

• Tattoo placement… There are so many places to get that ink, with Elegant spine tattoos being a top search term. (Searches for Elegant spine tattoos +787%)

• Tattoos for those that self-identify as men… Men love mighty animals, withWolf being the top-searched design for men.

• Tattoos for those that self-identify as women… Women are more into dainty tattoos, withSmallbeing the top-searched design for women.

• Tattoos around the world… Australia is all about lip tattoos (Searches for Lip Tattoo +204%), while the French are searching for pink minimalist tattoos (Searches for Pink minimalist tattoo +410%). The US is rocking ink for British rock band Queen (Searches for Queen band tattoo +1414%).

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