Sending a parcel overseas requires a vast amount of planning and preparation to ensure that it is a success. But with transportation issues and unexpected weather conditions, it is important to consider the strength of your packaging before all else. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how to package your items for an international shipment to ensure there are no breakages.

Consider The Strength Of The Box

One of the first elements to consider when sending a parcel overseas is the strength of the box. If you are sending a parcel with a number of reliable parcel delivery companies, they often suggest the following when it comes to choosing the strength of your box:

10kg or more – Double-lined corrugated box

30Kg or more = Triple-lined corrugated box

40kg or more – wooden box or pallet

Following this weight system will then ensure that your parcel gets to its final destination safely without being too heavy and breaking the box.

Add Internal Packaging

When you have picked the box, it is then important to consider the inner packaging.  Whether this is the use of bubble wrap, packing peanuts or air pockets, this will prevent the items from moving around in the box, whilst ensuring no additional weight is added. Should you opt for an internal packaging that does affect the weight of the parcel, this could raise the cost of the delivery, therefore it is important to consider this before sealing the box for shipment.

Weatherproof The Box

In addition to choosing the right box, it is essential that you weatherproof the box, particularly if it is traveling a long distance. This can be done by using plastic wrapping around the outside of the box as this will prevent water from settling on the cardboard and damaging it. This is important if you are writing the address on the outside of the box as this will prevent the writing from being damaged, thus allowing for the delivery company to deliver the parcel to the right location. This will, therefore, prevent it from being lost in transit even if it is being sent further away.

Print Address Label and Display It Openly

If you are worried about the address becoming damaged on the outside of the box, it may then be beneficial to pint the address label. This can then be attached to the box in a plastic sleeve. This will prevent the address from becoming damaged and will ensure that it can be read by all courier services and delivered to the right address. In addition to this, the return address may also be worth including when sending a parcel internationally as this will ensure that the parcel is returned to you should anything go wrong.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can securely package your parcel when sending it abroad to ensure that it reaches your end location successfully. Which of these will you be using the next time you send a parcel overseas?