About 3,000 drug-related deaths occur in Arizona every year. From 2013 to 2017, there was an increase in opioid-related deaths by more than 75% in Arizona. A significant number of people die from heroin use. However, prescription opioids kill more than 400 people every year. Arizona has more than 60 prescriptions for 100,000 people. This is more than even the national average.

What’s more, Arizona residents are among the major drinkers across the United States. Arizona has always been ranked among the top 5 states in alcohol consumption. More than 51% of Arizonians consume alcohol monthly. A large percentage of Arizonians drink an unhealthy amount of alcohol.

It’s, therefore, not easy to start and maintain a sober life in Arizona if you just stopped using an addictive substance or drinking alcohol. This is particularly true if you have friends and family members that still drink or use the addictive substance. But, this doesn’t mean you continue drinking alcohol or abusing substances until you hit rock bottom to call drug abuse hotline numbers at AddictionResource. With the right attitude, determination, effort, help, and support, you can start and maintain a sober life.

Know that it’s Not Easy

Getting sober when used to having the addicting substance or alcohol in your system won’t be easy. Starting afresh in life can even be more difficult. At first, you will get through withdrawal symptoms. You will also have to conquer the cravings for the addictive substance or alcohol.

Getting back to the world of a full workday and embracing a normal lifestyle is not easy after being in active addiction. The transition process requires a person to make resolutions, changes, and take several steps. Nevertheless, you can overcome your addiction and drug withdrawal to start and maintain a sober life.

Start Slow But Be Steady

It’s easy to assume that because you have recovered from drug addiction you can change back to the normal world and lead a sober life. But, it’s usually not that easy. If you make a quick transition, it’s easy to fall flat on your face. Once you stop using the addictive substance or drinking alcohol, you can feel reinvigorated, recharged, and great. This can prompt you to want to live your life fully. However, be careful to ensure you don’t bite more than you can chew. Life pace can be very different. It’s, therefore, reasonable to take your time to readjust.

Make Some Changes

If you wish to start a sober life and stay clean longer, avoid your old habits, routines, and even hangouts. It’s sometimes helpful to make these changes during recovery. It doesn’t what changes you make. As long as they help you start and maintain a sober life, make the changes.

Some of the changes you have to make immediately you decide to lead a drug-free life might be obvious. For instance, you may want to stop spending time with the people you used to do drugs with or those who supplied them. You just can’t hang out with the people you used to drink with or use drugs with and remain sober.

If you call rehab and complete treatment for addiction, make sure that you keep the friends you make at the facility. But, if you leave rehab without making new friends, join a support group and take part in its fellowship.

Also, spend time with friends and family planning activities. Develop a healthy lifestyle with your family members. It’s also important to avoid situations where you would normally use drugs or drink.

Know What Friends and Family Expect of You

Talk to friends and family to know their expectations of you. Find out how they expect you to behave or do. If you started using drugs or drinking alcohol in your teen years and you are starting a sober life in your early 30’s or late 20’s, life can be different. You might not even recall some of the things you used to do while sober. Therefore, know the expectations that friends and family have of you, as well as, the roles they expect you to play.

You can have this discussion once you decide to call a drug addiction hotline number. Bear in mind the fact that this discussion is not just for your sake. Your friends and family members may have become accustomed to having you drunk or high on drugs. So, if you don’t have this discussion, they may continue acting towards you as if you’re an addict and seeing you that way. Some people can even expect too much from you now that you have embraced sobriety. Therefore, talk about expectations to set realistic standards for everyone.

Be Responsible

Calling a rehab number, know Tricare drug rehab coverage and discussing expectations with friends and family is not enough. You have to play your role by following through on them. You have quit using drugs or drinking alcohol. This is now the time to change how you interact and relate with other people. You also have to change how you handle your responsibilities and obligations.

You may have impressed the people you talk to about your decision and commitment to lead a sober life. But, what’s important is following through on your pledge. This is what will help you start and maintain a sober life.

Set and Pursue New Goals

Figure out your life goals and focus on accomplishing them. You probably had goals that you wanted to achieve in life before alcohol or drugs took control over your life. It’s still not too late to do that. You can also engage in recreational activities and exercises. Research has shown that being physically active restores an emotionally beneficial balance in life.

The Bottom Line

Starting and maintaining a sober life in Arizona may seem difficult when used to having alcohol or drugs in your system. However, it’s possible if you are determined and focused on sobriety. Once you call a drug helpline, you will be given all the information you need to receive treatment and lead a sober life. And with support from friends and family, you can start and maintain a sober life.