Working with makeup since she was 15 years old, Melissa Lenberg, founder and owner of Citrine Natural Beauty Bar, really knows the ins and outs of all-natural skincare. I met Melissa at her bright and inviting storefront at the UNION Biltmore to experience Citrine firsthand. The personality of the store is a reflection of Lenberg herself. She was warm, welcoming and has an obvious passion for educating and providing people with quality skin products.

After moving from L.A. to Arizona, Lenberg observed that the beauty industry in the Valley was somewhat limited, department store makeup counters having the predominant presence. Remembering how much she enjoyed frequenting the small makeup boutiques in L.A. Lenberg saw a need for something similar here.

Melissa Lenberg perfume

She was inspired by a beautiful piece of citrine that she came across while on vacation in Sedona and chose the name for her store from that experience. A gorgeous citrine stone is now featured in the store.

Because of some personal health issues, Lenberg was passionate about opening a natural makeup boutique, and the natural products lend themselves well to Arizonans whose skin can experience serious damage from the harsh summer sun. “People want to find those good, healthy products. Now they know they can come and shop here and that all the products are going to be safe for them,” said Lenberg.

Citrine offers several different product brands. Among them is the all-natural mineral makeup from jane iredale as well as a line of REN skincare products.

Lenberg was generous enough to allow me to experience some of the skincare and makeup lines Citrine offers. The skincare products from REN she used on my face were especially memorable. I could sense the natural nutrients in the ingredients as my skin felt light and rejuvenated after the makeover. Even the brush Lenberg used to apply some of the makeup was all-natural, made from goat hair.

Citrine makeover during

Citrine’s skincare items are not limited to facial products. Lenberg also used a “skin perfecter” on my legs, ankles and the tops of my feet that covered up unwanted blemishes. It gave my skin a temporary, natural golden glow, and was easy to apply as well as wash off in the evening.

Lenberg is intentional about spending one-on-one time with each customer that comes into Citrine, understanding the person’s individual skin care needs and directing them about which products would be the most beneficial. She’s been able to work with moms and daughters who’ve come in for a first makeover and, impressively, she’s also been able to help customers clear up their acne.

In addition to makeup and skincare products, Citrine also offers something truly unique: a perfumery bar. Customers can mix different scents from high quality essential oils to make their own blend of fragrances.

As far as the future, one of Lenberg’s goals is the opening of Citrine’s own product line of cosmetics as well as launching other Citrine locations in the Valley.

This Saturday, July 13, would be the perfect time for a first visit to Citrine. Lenberg is hosting a jane iredale makeup event at her store at UNION Biltmore. Light refreshments, gifts and complimentary makeovers will be available. They will also be giving a complimentary jane iredale full-size lip gloss and deluxe samples with any purchase of $100 or more.