If you own an iPhone, you appreciate how handy this device is in your life. It is a powerful computer and the impressive technology in new generation iPhones makes every device a resourceful tool in your life.  Some of the features and technology to love in the latest iPhone X/Xs including the Face ID, Easier app switching, Lock screen notifications, big screen, and slim bezels, new portrait lighting options and of course a 7-megapixel TrueDepth camera.

With such power in your hands, you have to protect your device and this is where the iPhone X waterproof case comes in handy. Many outdoor lovers would like to take their iPhones along but fear doing so because of the device seems delicate.

Well, you can only get the most out of all these iPhone features by trying them out. There’s no need of having a 7mp camera if you only take pictures of your cat. With the tough waterproof aluminum iPhone case, you can now take your device outdoors and enjoy the technology.

The iPhone X Waterproof Case in Detail

Still worried about the safety of your iPhone when going outdoors? It is understandable after all this device set you back around $999 but with this waterproof case, there’s nothing to worry about. To appreciate how an iPhone X waterproof case allows you to enjoy your device, take a look at the following:

1.    Water Protection

This aluminum case boasts an IP68 Waterproof rating up to 33ft/10m. You can go diving, snorkeling or swimming and capture magnificent views with your iPhone under the water. If you love the outdoors, you don’t have to cringe any time you come close to water because your iPhone is safe in a waterproof case.

2.    Aesthetics

Most of the iPhone cases on the market ruin the aesthetic appeal of the device. Luckily, you can now enjoy the feel of your phone in your hands with the waterproof case still intact. The low profile anodized Aluminum frame guarantees your device feels safe in your hands and still looks good.

3.    Protection against Physical Damage

One of the greatest fears for any iPhone X owner is the physical damage their expensive device could suffer in a fall. With an aluminum waterproof case, you don’t have to worry anymore. This case not only protects against water but is also drop-proof to 16ft/5m. The iPhone X case is also MIL-SPEC Shock rated.

4.    iPhone Case Accessories

To make your iPhone experience even better, the best waterproof case also comes with a 3x TrueLUX® Lenses allowing you to take amazing photos and videos. You can also buy a Railslide mount system to get stunning photos anywhere you go.

There’s also a Scratch-resistant screen which adds to the protection of your device all the time.  You will also get a Micro Cleaning Cloth, AIR SHIELD – screen-less bumper, AQUA SHIELD – screen cover + water seal and a Quick Start Guide.

Turn your iPhone X into a Rugged Action Camera

There’s no arguing about the fantastic features of the iPhone X and if you are the adventurous type, you obviously want to test this technology. With the best iPhone X waterproof case, you will transform the hitherto delicate device into a rugged action camera. Whether you want to go mountain climbing or explore the coral reefs, you now have the opportunity to use the most powerful camera on the market.

The best thing about a high-quality iPhone X case is the Seamless Touch ID: capability meaning you can still talk, text, chat, shoot and do anything else even in the most extreme environments. This is not easy when using the regular waterproof iPhone cases on the market.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Outdoors 

Most phone manufacturers will advise you to keep your phones behind but what’s the point of all the technology? The iPhone X boasts some of the most exciting features and you can only experience this outdoors.

When you have an iPhone X aluminum case, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your expensive device has protection against water, dirt, and chemicals. Want to stay close to the pool? Go ahead and continue using your iPhone. As long as you have this waterproof iPhone X case, there’s nothing much to worry about. The case is stout and yet it doesn’t affect the functionality of the phone. You can still use the buttons and the call quality is superb.

If you want to take your iPhone X for a test drive outdoors, make sure you invest in a Hitcase PRO iPhone X waterproof case.  You will love the experience.