If you’re planning on a home renovation, you’re probably wondering when it’s okay to DIY and when you should hire a pro. While there’s something quite appealing about the idea of a DIY home improvement project, the truth is there are some things better left to the pros. After all, it’s one thing to look up the instructions for a DIY project and quite another to do the work.

Whether you’re planning to remodel your entire home or just part of one room, you need to make a smart choice between doing it yourself or hiring a pro. Here are some tips to help you decide when it’s okay to DIY, and when you should hire a pro.

When It’s Best to Hire a Pro

1. The Work Requires a Permit

Most cities require a permit for certain types of construction work. This includes projects that require electrical, structural and other major work. These type of home improvements generally require specialized knowledge anyway, so it’s best to let a licensed professional do the work. If you’re not sure what jobs require a permit, contact your city government to ask which remodel licenses are required in your area.

2. A Mistake Would Result in Serious Consequences

Any project that could affect the safety of your family or home or that would be expensive to correct, if not done correctly, should always be outsourced to the pros. Reputable contractors have insurance and offer a warranty for their work. This is for your protection. For example, if they make a mistake or damage your property, they’ll pay to fix the problem. A rule of thumb to always remember: if an error would make your home unsafe, then it’s not worth the risk of doing it yourself.

3. You Are Selling Your Home

If you’re planning a home improvement project to help sell your home, you should leave the work to professionals. After all, when you sell your home, you want it to be in the best shape possible. An amateurish DIY job could not only be a turnoff for potential buyers, but it could also keep your home from passing inspection. Prospective buyers may even wonder if the house has other problems.

A Few Tips on Hiring a Pro

When hiring a professional to do a home improvement project, make sure you do some research first. Ask friends or family that have had work done if they would recommend their contractor. You can also look around on local websites such as Billy local services to find professional contractors in your area.

Also, you should get several estimates in writing, and ask for contact references. In addition, make sure that any contractor you may hire has the proper licenses and insurance needed for the job. Another benefit of websites like Billy local services is that you can quickly get free quotes, then compare them and hire the professional that best suits your needs.

When It’s OK to Try DIY

1 The Project is Small and Easy to Learn

Small and simple home improvement projects that are easy to learn are perfect for DIYers. Especially if you’re willing to learn how to do the work properly. Take some time to research the home improvement project before you start. There are plenty of books and YouTube tutorial videos on all sorts of DIY renovation projects. You can also ask at home improvement stores and hardware stores for advice on how to do the job and the proper tools to use.

2 You Have A Lot of Patience

DIY home improvement projects can quickly test your patience. You may have to make extra trips to the store because you didn’t correctly measure something you needed. Or you may discover your paint is the wrong color once its dried, and you’ll have to start all over. Start with the understanding that your DIY project may not turn out perfect on the first try. It also helps if you’re patient and flexible enough to work through small errors.

3. You Look at the Project as More Hobby Than Work

It helps if you’re the type of person who enjoys painting, woodworking, or other renovation-related activities. In addition, if you can look at the project as you would a hobby instead of work, you may even find the process as enjoyable as a result.

In Conclusion

When it comes to home renovation projects, a good general rule to follow is only to undertake projects you feel comfortable with and have the skill set to complete with excellent results. Otherwise, it’s best if you call in the pros.