Child’s backpack. Parents, how does that term resonate with you? Another item on the “back to school shopping list?” Maybe an item that you only buy when necessary … when the seams are bursting, zippers are broken and at any moment a pile of books, Pokemon collection or Lord knows what else may burst from that worn out patch long ignored at the backpack’s bottom? That’s not the case with Beckmann of Norway backpacks.

What I love about Beckmann of Norway packs, is that they were conceptualized by a parent! A father, in fact, who probably got sick of purchasing back-to-school bags that deteriorated before the first academic school year in-service holiday. 

Designed by Olav Beckmann, a native of Norway, these backpacks are sturdy! Norwegians make good products. I know this first-hand because I have a Norwegian friend who manufactures an amazing baby cradle (a story for another time). I also know that the products I’ve encountered from Norway undergo rigorous safety testing before heading out the door. 

In addition to the high quality, I appreciate the age-appropriate backpack sizes (our sample is ideal for toddler – Kindergartener). When you shop the U.S. site, you are provided with age-range options – thank you, on behalf of a parent who measures by eyeballing the backpack on the kid’s back, and not by reading dimensions for which she has no context.

Our particular Beckmann of Norway backpack, tested by local, preschool-bag critic, Colby, is the Beckman “Space Gym Rucksack.” Obviously, I’m in favor of the pack’s durability and quality, but what would the actual user say?

“Wow, is that a space shark?”

That’s precisely what the preschool backpack aficionado said. Plus, even though Colby wouldn’t necessarily use his Space Gym Rucksack for sports purposes, although he appeared to be confident of its multipurpose dynamism, it sure could accommodate many a dinosaur, car, etc.  

At $55.00 (currently priced at $40), I do believe this Norwegian bag is worth every penny if you want to purchase a schoolbag that packs longevity.

Colby and I give the Space Gym Rucksack a 5/5.