If someone told you that puffiness and fine lines around your eyes could be minimized for under $30, would you believe her? You should. I’m the “her” and the product is Frownies Eye Gels. I have sampled a few brands of eye gels, with mixed results. I find that initially, they do what they say – reduce puffiness and diminish fine lines – for like an hour! 

For someone who recently turned a number rhyming with shorty, one hour is not going to cut the mustard. This is why, as eye gel treatments go, I would go with Frownies over other brands. For one thing, there are three to a pack, and each individual pack can be used multiple times (typically 3, although I stretch it closer to 4). Secondly, the gel patch instructions say to leave them on for 30 minutes for maximum results, but I found that after 15 to 20 minutes, results were noticeable. 

I will also add that as someone who suffers from terrible allergies (thank you Arizona!), I appreciate the puff-reduction of Frownies. And, honestly, they feel awesome! In addition to anti-aging agents like Hyaluronic Acid and Phenoxyethanol, the gels are soaked in aloe vera and cactus collagen (among other ingredients). 

As someone who regularly writes for plastic and cosmetic surgeons, I can tell you that $30 for a mini eye lift is more than reasonable – just think of it as the equivalent of 4 Starbucks (okay 3) – and most of us can justify that daily purchase. 

Frownies are almost better than brownies, almost, so I give them 5/5.