Before reading the description of the Bump It Off — brightly-colored reusable silicone scrubbing devices — I was intrigued. In all honesty, I was also perplexed. What on earth was this multi-bumpy, silicone-brass-knuckle contraption? 

One of my 8-year-old’s however, immediately snatched one of the Bump it Offs, expertly slipping on a pretty purple hand sleeve, and began brushing the family cat. My perplexism turned to skepticism – until, said cat began to purr wildly. 

At this point, I felt it was time to refer to the Bump It Off user guide (although I was certain it was pet-friendly by the time my cat finished drooling). Sure enough … Bump It Off is pet-friendly, but oh that’s just the beginning. They can be used for human bathing, scrubbing laundry, cleaning dishes and any other number of things. Although the thought of bringing this versatile scrubber into the shower does not thus far entice me; when it comes to dish-scrubbing: game on!  

I have NEVER been so in love with a rubber-brass-knuckle. I’ve always loathed sponges for the stink and petri-dish-ness; thought using washcloths weird and equally germy and handled scrub brushes, although more sanitary, still get remnants of meals stuck in them. The Bump It Off does just what it says – it knocks off dinner, lunch and breakfast like nobody’s business. Even last night’s dinner. True story. I left a pan of ooey-gooey chicken-kabobs outside overnight and the Bump It Off kicked off the grossness harder than Jackie Chan. 

In pet-grooming and dish-cleaning, the Bump It Off gets a 5/5.