Tips For Choosing Bras For Small-Busted Women

Product Reviews | 14 Nov, 2013 |

Bra shopping advice is often reserved for women with an ample bosom. And while these ladies could likely use some pointers when it comes to choosing a bra that is both comfortable and supportive, a great bra is also an essential undergarment for a small-busted woman. Whether you live in the mainstream of Scottsdale or you live in a secluded location, having the right foundational garments matters.

After all, a bra that fits properly can add the right look to a chic outfit – and that can definitely add to your confidence. A great look is important for times when you are dining out or visiting art galleries. But more than that, a well-chosen bra can also provide total comfort for you.

Check the Fit

Just because the cups of your bras are small doesn’t mean the bra should fit extremely tightly. When you try a bra on, the fit should be snug, but you should be able to breathe and move comfortably. None of your breast tissue should be peeking from the top of the bra cup if the undergarment fits properly. You should also be able to fit one or two fingers into the bottom of the bra cup comfortably.

Choose the Right Cup Shape

To make your breast appear a little larger if you’re wearing a low-cut blouse or formal dress, choose bras that have shell-shaped cups. The cups will fit diagonally across the front of your breasts and give the illusion that more is there.

If you prefer a cup that is rounder in shape, it may be best to go with an underwire bra. The wire pushes up the breasts and can make the torso appear more proportioned. These types of bras are best for business casual and professional outfits.

A uni-cup shape is best for small-breasted women when working out, as it provides ample support but frees you up to move. These bras are great for stretching and bras in this style can even be worn every day for a comfortable wire-less fit that provides a barely-there feeling.

Search for the Perfect Straps

Finally, the bra should securely fit across your breasts, so straps that are too loose can make for an uneven silhouette, even if you have a small bust. The straps should not dig into your skin, but they should stay securely on your shoulder. If your shoulders are sloped, choose a bra with racerback straps. For broad shoulders, a bra with adjustable straps is best so you can get the support you need no matter what type of top you’re wearing.

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