Thrasher – the skateboarders’ bible

Lifestyle | 30 Aug, 2019 |

If you are into streetwear, then there is no chance you have not heard about Thrasher. Thrasher is not a brand; it is a statement. But how from a monthly issued magazine for skateboarders has it has evolved to something so big? We all have seen pictures of celebrities wearing the iconic Thrasher flame shirt. How has something so underground emerged to become one of the most popular brands nowadays? Let’s find out!

It was in the year 1981 when a group of skateboarders came together to produce the first issue of the magazine. It was the same year that NASA launched the first reusable space shuttle, and IBM introduced its first personal computer. It was also the year when MTV was launched. 1981 was indeed a year of many great achievements.

To this day, thrasher still is the longest-running skateboard magazine of all time. The first issue launched in January 1981 from San Francisco, CA. It was put together by Kevin Thatcher and Fausto Vitello. Published monthly, this best-seller is synonymous with both skateboarding’s roots and constant evolutions. The magazine is not limited just to the subject of skateboarding; it publishes articles about photography, features interviews with professional skateboarders and bands, has skate park reviews, and other oddities.

Skateboarders around the globe started reading the issues, and it quickly became the most revered magazine in the world. What emerged as a 32-page tabloid quickly developed into several brands – including SLAP and Juxtapoz magazines, series of books, Skate Rock albums, videos and DVDs, ramp building manuals, popular products, and softgoods line, games, and more. Today the magazine is also published in French for the fans in Europe and the other francophone countries.

Speaking of the softgoods, along with investing in the skate events and culture, the magazine launched a streetwear clothing line that has been skyrocketing over the years. The product line includes mostly T-shirts and hoodies with the brand’s iconic logo. Stickers, bucket hats, snapbacks, strapbacks, beanies, belts, and skate accessories are also included. Among the best-sellers are the iconic flame and pentagram designs.

You have possibly seen a kid wearing a Thrasher magazine shirt while browsing a street style photo album; this is a trend sensed by many. There might be another reason that the typical fashion trends are behind all this.

Thrasher is not just a name; it is an embodiment of the free spirit; the rebellious youth that will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. Just like skateboarders; have you seen how passionate these guys and girls are about what they are doing? Covered in blood and with multiple injuries, they stand up and keep going. It is the same with the guys behind the brand. This is the message they are trying to convey – never give up on your passion and dreams.

Today, Thrasher is bigger and better than ever. It keeps defining the constant evolution and the adventurous spirit of its readers. While others try to achieve the same via selling similar models just for the money, this brand is here to stay by empowering more young people to follow their dreams. Supporting events, contributing to charities, and organizing contests, Thrasher is here to stay!

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