Fairground events have become a lot more popular today, not just with businesses, but also with schools and other organizations. No one can resist the rides and attractions and everything else that comes with fairgrounds, after all, and these kinds of events can truly be memorable with the proper planning and coordination. But if you are planning a fairground event – be it for your school, your company, your organization, or even a wedding or for the birthday of someone special – you should know how to do it right. So, what does it take to plan the best fairground event ever? Here are some top tips you should remember for the perfect fairground event.

Decide on a theme

Themed events have always been popular, and for good reason. A party or event with a theme will be more special for everyone, particularly if you level it up by encouraging everyone to dress up according to the event’s theme. There are plenty of themes from which you can choose, of course, but you should also keep the participants’ ages in mind as well as what kinds of activities they may be into. For example, if there are loads of teenagers attending the fairground event, you may want to include bumper cars and stalls with your specific theme which offer a lot of activity and competition. If there are plenty of kids participating in the event, bouncy castles are always a great choice, and rides such as carousels will always attract a good crowd.

Choose your rides

As already mentioned, the rides you choose can make a difference. And it’s not only about bumper cars, carousels, and bouncy castles, either – nowadays, you have plenty more choices when it comes to rides, from the classic and traditional to more modern alternatives. Traditional fairground rides will always include Ferris wheels and dodgems, but if you want a more contemporary touch, you can opt for the addition of giant snow globes and even bungee trampolines, such as those from established funfair hire companies like We Are Tricycle. You are only limited by the space available. If your fairground event is confined to a specific area, you may want to make a more careful choice in regard to the rides, but if you have a large area, the sky’s the limit. Here’s a tip: if you are having your event in a large area, you can hand out maps to the participants as they enter, which gives the event a more personalized and memorable feel.

Assign coordinators

If you want to make planning the event easier, you should assign coordinators for specific tasks and activities. One coordinator can be in charge of arranging and planning the food stalls, whilst another coordinator can be tasked with making sure the health and safety regulations are followed. You also have to place people in charge of the finances, of planning activities and entertainment for the day (having a stage where you can have musicians or theatre performers do a concert or play is a great idea), and so on. But if you want the help of an expert, lots of funfair specialist companies can give you recommendations and help plan your event with you.