How to get the most out of your tiny living space

Lifestyle | 20 Sep, 2019 |

Many individuals nowadays, particularly young urban professionals, prefer living on their own. In most cases, they have no choice but to settle in a small apartment or condominium space within the metro area. If you are experiencing the same situation, it is challenging to shop for good quality couches and figure out how to fit one in your tiny living space.

Do not worry because there are hundreds of people who happen to be in the same situation as you. According to interior design experts, the key to living comfortably is looking for smart options without the worries of giving up both your comfort and personal style. Here are five practical tips that you can follow when redesigning your tiny living space.

Convert certain parts of your house into a flowing space

When you live in a small area, you have to be more creative in terms of finding ways to add more space. One perfect example is by removing some of the walls and doors to make your space look larger than its actual size. Avoid using dividers to separate one room from the other, making it easier for people to walk around without bumping into each other.

Built-in structures save a lot of space

If you can afford to shell out extra money for home renovations, why not invest in built-in closets and shelves that will be very useful for your storage purposes. This type of furniture is ideal for small spaces because it allows you to maximize its use. One example is investing in a comfortable sofa bed that comes with additional storage space for clothes, shoes, and other personal items. You can explore a lot of DIY space-saving projects on the Internet. Check out what things will work best with your apartment size and lifestyle.

You can rearrange your furniture

It is possible to create a multifunctional area in one small room. One good example is converting part of your living room into a mini office. Move the biggest sofa against the wall, add a small desk and an office chair in the farthest corner of the living room. Push your dining room table and chairs towards the wall when no one is using them to make your apartment more spacious. If you are challenged by figuring out the perfect layout for your home, draft it on a piece of paper and you will soon figure out the right way to do it.

Allow natural light to enter your home

The lighting inside your home can make a lot of difference in making it look bigger. You should open your windows and blinds to allow sunlight to enter your home. It would also be a smart idea to add a mirror in front or adjacent to the window that will serve as a reflector for the sunlight. In cases where you do not have any source of natural light, you can look for alternatives like adding track lighting in the hallway of your home.   

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