Whether you are planning to rent or get a new home, you may need to set up your home facilities before moving in. The process of setting up utilities is usually straightforward and doesn’t take lots of time. All you will need to do is wait for a couple of days during which a service provider will be processing your request concerning the setup services. After your home facilities are set up and everything works well, you can comfortably move in and start enjoying your stay.  Here are the fundamentals of setting up your home utilities.

The meaning of utilities

Utilities simply refer to home appliances such as electricity, water, and sewer among others. However, in some homes, utilities can include trash collection.  In your home, there are numerous appliances which must operate properly to ensure you stay in a clean and comfortable environment.

Finding service providers

To find competent utility connection service providers, you have to research them online or simply inquire from your landlord, previous homeowner and any relevant place you can get the info. When seeking for utility service providers, be informed that each worker deals with their area of expertise. For example, if it is a pipe issue, you’ll need a plumber or an electrician for electricity issues since you are dealing with public utilities. Same goes for trash collection where you’ll need garbage collectors. As for security, and phone services, you will have multiple service providers of your choice. Searching for more information on service providers from numerous sources like the internet can help you compare rates when planning to set up utilities in your new home. 

Utility connection

Having an account with a local utility company in your dwelling area will allow them to transfer services to your home. In addition to that, your account will also remain open. Ensure you inform your service providers about your former house end date as well as your new home start date.  Thereafter, a technician should be able to work on your home utilities. Most likely you won’t be at home when utilities are being set up. You can get information from the utility company offering the services before a technician gains access to your home. However, for the new customers, calling or visiting a utility company is advisable to find out more about connection services.

Utility bills

Utility bills refer to the cash you owe every month depending on how you spend water, electricity and other utilities. Most utility companies carry out credit checks for you to access their services. If your credit score is poor, you may need to deposit some amount for the company to begin offering you services through your name.


Whether you are renter or property owner, you may need utility connection service to keep your home running smoothly. Therefore, setting up utilities is among the numerous responsibilities for homeowners and renters. Purchasing renters or property holders insurance will give you peace of mind when setting up utilities in your new home. In other words, you will be protected against potential loses.