When it comes to dealing with problems related to our personal lives, people tend to go for the treatments that they feel would benefit them the most. However, while a lot of people would opt for a doctor or a therapist, it does not always work. There are a lot of instances where you may feel like you are dealing with basic physical or mental stress but there are no apparent symptoms at all. Such situations often lead to a completely different dimension of treatment and that is the one where crystals come into play.

One of the most common things that people need to deal with every day is the vibes that they are getting in their lives. Having a general presence of positivity is something we all crave and a lack of that feeling can lead to unexplainable problems. As it turns out, there are some special crystals that are highly effective when it comes to attracting positive vibes. While there are a lot of different crystals that you can use to improve your situation, the ones that have shown the most efficacy are discussed here.


When it comes to crystals that are generally considered to be strong in terms of their power and vibes, the amethyst crystal is one of the most praised and discussed ones. It is generally considered to be a source of purification and healing which are the most important things when it comes to attaining positive vibes in your life. Amethyst is responsible for bringing balance into its user’s life and is highly regarded for its abilities as a restoration crystal. One of the key benefits of amethyst is that it allows a person to calm down and feel at peace. Not only does this help with feeling positive and productive, but it also helps relieve some physical problems like headaches. Having it by your side should certainly help in gaining a positive outlook towards life.

Black Tourmaline

Of all the different healing crystals that exist out there, the black tourmaline is one of the best options when it comes to purification of energy. Not only is it great at cleansing a person of all bad vibes, but it also provides direct protection against all sorts of negative energies. The best way to use this cryptal would be as a guardian by placing it near the door of your home. This should make sure that all negative energies stay away from your home. You could even place it in your bedroom to make sure you are always purified and as a bonus you can protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic fields.


Monsoon is a time when there are a lot of clouds and exposure to the sun is almost zero and that can also lead to a lot of negative energy and bad vibes. While you cannot force the sun to come out all the time, you can catch its energy by using the citrine crystal. It allows you to gain the pure yellow energy of the sun and drive away all the negative vibes from your life. You can also use it to gather more willpower and broader imagination. The best way of using this crystal is to put it on an altar or even use it while meditating. The result is a boost in your positivity levels and a general motivation to follow your dreams.


The crystals shared here are all sufficiently capable of dealing with even the most difficult cases. You can use them in combination as well to get even better results. In addition to that, you can also try other stones like rose quartz for further positive vibes.