Have you ever been in the middle of an important task that required power to complete, and your power went out? Perhaps you were working on something for school or your job, and your laptop battery hit a critical level right before the power cut, causing you to miss an important deadline. Perhaps a snowstorm caused your power to fail, and the only supplementary heat you had was electric.

If you encountered any situation where you desperately need power when none is available, you can imagine how difficult it is to get through some situations without a power source. In many cases, not having power could mean life or death. A home generator can prevent these situations.

Disasters Don’t Follow Our Schedules

Think back to all the times you have ever had your power go out. The majority were likely either in the middle of the night, or due to a weather event. For most folks, this also seems to happen right when you were about to plug your phone and laptop up to charge.

20 years ago, most of us had landline phones that seldom went out. This meant that even if your power was gone, you still had access to the outside world. If you needed to call emergency services for help, or even your employer to let them know that you were stuck at home due to snow, you could do that.

In our modern world, most people do not have landline phones. The good news is that there are very few weather events that could take out your cell phone. The bad news is that if your phone battery dies, it isn’t going to work.

Another change from days past is that most homes are not heated with wood or coal stoves any more. While modern heat is cleaner and more efficient, even gas based systems require electricity to power the thermostat and blower. Without electricity, many of us have no heat at all.

There are supplementary heating options available, such as gas or kerosene space heaters, but these heaters require you to keep plenty of fuel on hand, or they are useless. If, for example, a severe snowstorm were to knock out your power for three or four days (or more) you would probably use up whatever fuel you had before power was restored.

Generators Can Save the Day

The modern family is dependent on electricity. Some needs are clearly life or death— you may need to keep a phone charged to contact help in a tornado, run an oxygen tank for a sick family member during a summer storm, or keep a space heater going during a winter event. Some needs are logistical, such as running your refrigerator to prevent your food from spoiling when the power is out for a day or two. Some needs are emotional, like keeping the dvd player running so that your cabin fever children don’t attack each other if they are stuck inside for days with no power.

Regardless of why you need that power, a modern generator can be your life saver. Old fashioned generators are great. They can produce enough power to operate an entire household, while running on a little gas. The problem is that they require gas to run.

Gasoline has to be kept in such a way that it stays dry, and does not get too hot and ignite. You can only store a finite amount safely, so preparing for a long outage can be difficult.

The perfect way to balance this is with a solar generator. Solar power is completely renewable, and is available year round as long as you have a clear view of the sky. A quality solar generator will have a bank of batteries to charge that can then be used to power all of your devices at any time of night or day.

A solar generator will allow you to be prepared for any eventuality, without having to store dangerous gasoline, or worrying about how much fuel to purchase.

In conclusion, a solar generator is the piece of equipment that can provide peace of mind, no matter where your home is!