It is estimated that 14 to 15 million people in the U.S. are in a long-distance relationship at any given time. While there are many times when this may not seem obvious, there are a few perks that a long-distance relationship has to offer.

With a long-distance relationship, you can enjoy some “me” time, easily avoid having to meet the parents, and bicker about eating the last piece of cake (or pizza, etc.). Even better, you can purchase all sorts of long-distance gadgets that will help enhance your relationship even more.

Friendship Lamps

Chances are most people have seen friendship lamps through various social media sites. Now is the time for you to go ahead and learn about the benefits these can offer.

The way that these lamps work is fairly simple. By using Wi-Fi, any movement that is made across the top of the lamp makes it glow and its mate glow, regardless of how far away it is located. While these were made for helping to connect families and friends, to begin with, now couples in a long-distance relationship are benefiting from what they have to offer.

Touch Bracelets

These work similarly to the friendship lamps mentioned above, but on a smaller scale. Not only are these great for connecting two people, they are also a great looking fashion accessory.

These bracelets are very similar to the popular fitness watches available today, but for those who are in a long-distance relationship, they get their heart racing for an entirely different reason.

Anytime someone wearing the bracelet is thinking of their significant other, they can touch it. When the bracelet is tapped, a sweet and subtle message is sent as the other bracelet vibrates and lights up.

Sleeping Companions

When two people are involved in a long-distance relationship, one of the hardest parts is having to sleep alone. However, thanks to clever and innovative individuals, there’s a remedy for this, too.

There’s a new pillow heartbeat speaker that can be worn on one person’s wrist. It picks up the wearer’s heartbeat and then sends it to the individual’s partner. All this occurs in real-time.

Using this device is simple. The first step is to download the related app. Put the wristband on and then put the included speaker under the pillow. Now, you have the ability to actually fall asleep with your love.

Transferable Kisses

This one may have you scratching your head at first, however, it’s a pretty clever invention. The device allows you to actually transfer your kiss to your partner, regardless of how far away they are.

It was initially launched in Singapore in 2011, and since then has been making its way across the globe. Thanks to the use of a pair of silicone lips, you can hear the kiss from your partner through the speaker and feel it by placing your lips to the device.

From the weird to the wonderful, there are more than a few innovative gadgets that can be used to help enhance your long-distance relationship. If you are looking for options, these should definitely be on your list of possibilities.