A home says a lot about the people living in it. Youll get tiny glimpses into their personality, likes, dislikes, and the values that are important to them. Each design element that you use to adorn your house tells a story of your life, making it as unique as the person you are. Read ahead for some ideas to customize your new living space and infuse it with energy and enthusiasm for life.

Dark or Light Color Schemes

The color scheme of every room sets the mood you want to reflect. You could choose dark rich colors like black, dark wood, or brown and highlight it with rose, gold, silver, and creams. Youll create the impression of elegance and sophistication. But, people with a breezy personality would go with light, airy colors that brighten up the room and make it seem larger than it is. You can also pick out colors according to the rooms functionality. For instance, bedrooms can be dark since youll retire for the night. On the other hand, the family room where you spend time working while the kids and pets play would have to be cheery.

Collages and Pictures

Take a closer look at a collage in any home, and youll realize that it traces a timeline of all the events that occurred in the family. It is a medley of baby pictures, toddler images, snapshots of vacations, pets playing, and perhaps, artwork that the kids created. An interesting addition to the collage can be custom house portraits to remember the home you left behind and the fond memories connected to it. Youll upload a picture of the house and commission a hand-illustrated painting, complete with any minor details you want to add. For instance, the first car you bought as a couple or the neighbors cat who lived more at your home than where he belonged.

Create Replicas of the Old Rooms

When youre moving to a new place with kids, child psychologists advise you to maintain their rooms as close to how their old comfort zones looked. Work with your long distance movers to take pictures and mark the boxes with their things carefully. Theyll help you set up the furniture exactly like in the images, so your kids feel more secure and comfortable. Experiment with new color schemes for the kidsrooms and other changes only if their owners are ready to accept them. You could help them settle in and feel at home by customizing the place with stencils, stickers, and any other ornaments theyve picked out. 

Rugs and Floor Coverings

Heavy carpeting is never a practical idea in a home with pets and kids. A more innovative design element is to invest in smaller area rugs that make the room look cozy instantly. Pick fabrics that can be washed at home whenever it gets dirty or stained. You can move or replace them easily on a whim. 

Adorning your home and making your living spaces unique does not need significant investment. Add small touches that add interest to the decor and match your personality.